Oracle SD-WAN enables Pacific Drilling’s ‘Rig of the Future’ today

With the help of Oracle’s SD-WAN and Oceaneering’s Satellite Agnostic Intelligent Link (SAIL) solution, Pacific Drilling delivers a transparent operations picture from around the globe.

With the always-available SAIL satellite and terrestrial communication solution from Oceaneering, our exploration automation and operations are beautifully integrated with a digital service suite. This suite safely delivers secure, reliable data from anywhere on the globe. We’ve truly differentiated exploration with the power of Oceaneering and Oracle SD-WAN.

Corey ThompsonCIO, Pacific Drilling

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Business challenges

A downturn in oil and gas caused depreciation of vessel day rates, from $1 million in 2012 to below $250,000 in 2019, despite the level of technology onboard. Additional challenges that faced the company were an oversaturated drillship market, CapEx and OpEx constraints, fragmented IT, OT, security, communications, video, and support with zero commercial value. Plus, discerning true value from data proved difficult.

Real-time decision-making is the essence of the SAIL solution. Pacific Drilling's leadership recognizes bandwidth is no longer a commodity, rather it's a conduit for operational excellence. It instills the highest levels of safety. We are excited to partner with both Oracle and Pacific Drilling to define how IT and OT can operate under one umbrella of accountability.

TJ GallagherBusiness Development, Oceaneering

Why Pacific Drilling chose Oracle

SAIL combined with SD-WAN boosts the reliability of remote operations. This partnership helps Pacific Drilling lower capital expenditures, operational expenses, and integrate previously fragmented IT, OT, security, and data communication.


Using Oracle’s SD-WAN’s flexible smart stack and operational pricing, Pacific Drilling achieved market differentiation via increased safety and automation offshore. In addition, the company gained a 400% increase in tool time; job safety analysis (JSA), common operating picture, and low latency bandwidth, with data center uptime of 99.9% offshore.


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Published:June 22, 2020