Pacific Jeans improves reporting and disaster recovery with Oracle Cloud

Premier jeans manufacturer maintains access to business-critical data with cost-effective disaster recovery using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Managers can make properly informed business decisions the moment they come into work just by opening their business analytics dashboard and getting all the latest insight across the company from Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Skylab DeyHead of ICT, Pacific Jeans

Business challenges

Founded in 1984, Pacific Jeans employs 34,000 and exports to major brands in over 50 countries.

To keep Pacific Jeans in its leadership position, the company has an Oracle E-Business Suite ecosystem to support business operations. However, a lack of disaster recovery resilience for the on-premises infrastructure behind the Oracle Suite and Oracle Database threatened the company’s efficiency in the event of a hardware failure.

Additionally, managers struggled to get an accurate view of the company’s financial performance because of data silos and information distributed across multiple spreadsheet documents.

Managing documents was time consuming, and repetitive tasks led to inevitable human errors. The ICT team also saw that it was spending increasing time answering requests for new reports and manipulating data.  

The company wanted a centralized repository with data that all employees could rely on. It was critical to give managers greater analytical support in making the decisions that would ultimately help the company stay ahead of the competition. Pacific Jeans also needed to improve disaster recovery for Oracle E-Business Suite to ensure uninterrupted business operations.

Our journey with Oracle continues bringing value to the business. Not only have we reduced application downtime by 40% by using OCI for disaster recovery, but we have reduced our costs by 30%.

Skylab DeyHead of ICT, Pacific Jeans

Why Pacific Jeans chose Oracle

To modernize both its financial reporting and disaster recovery, Pacific Jeans selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In addition, Oracle Analytics Cloud provides a complete set of dashboard and reporting tools and security to share data insights. 

OCI improves availability, reliability, and data protection and serves as backup to the company’s own data center and main production environment. 


With Oracle Analytics Cloud, the ICT team has cut the hours spent managing data flows by about 40%. Report distribution is automated so that decision-makers can see the latest figures being gathered in real time from different sources including Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server. Additionally, employees can easily access information via a summary dashboard with graphical interfaces contextualizing the data for easier comprehension. If they want deeper insights, there are clickable options for additional data sets and individual reports.

With reports available across multiple devices, managers also have data insights when and where they need them. As a result, the company has increased the effectiveness of reporting in areas such as finance, production, order management, and inventory. This is helping Pacific Jeans manage its entire business more effectively, improving internal processes with data-driven decision-making.

By using OCI for disaster recovery and backup of E-Business Suite, apps, and database data, the company can easily maintain its status in Jeans manufacturing with greater resilience, helping avoid unplanned downtime impacting operations. Oracle Data Guard automates backup of the Oracle Database, ensuring high availability and data protection. Application downtime has fallen by 40%, helping make staff more productive.

Without the need to maintain and operate a physical data center, the company has also cut costs for disaster recovery by 30%.

Published:January 7, 2022