Oracle Aconex enables Parsons to manage Interstate 405 improvement project

Parsons implemented Oracle Aconex to manage a design‐build project to improve 16 miles of California I‐405, near the Los Angeles County line.


Oracle Aconex was instrumental in addressing the cross organizational complexity on the 1-405 project. Over 30 organizations including designers, contractors, cities and permitting agencies were able to collaborate seamlessly with each other while owning their specific data.

Ashish SharmaSolutions Architect, Parsons Corporation

Business challenges

Founded in 1944, Parsons focuses on the defense, intelligence, and critical infrastructure markets and has been ranked eleventh on the ENR Top 500 design firms for the past two years. The company manages complex projects, which often include vast amounts of documentation and thousands of reviewers across 30-plus organizations. The sectors Parsons serves require secure and comprehensive information management and specific regulatory reporting.

Why Parsons Chose Oracle

To manage risk on complex projects, Parsons selected Oracle Aconex for its architecture, which provides a secure workspace for each organization on the project, promoting trust and adoption and ensuring a complete project record.

Parsons also needed a system that was configurable in order to meet the specific needs of each project and the various regulatory entities overseeing the project.


By implementing Oracle Aconex on the Interstate 405 project, Parsons was able to improve the quality and efficiency of the submittal process to meet and exceed its contractual turnaround times. The company easily created specific automated workflows to manage reviews for each submittal type and set up workflows to manage cross-organization collaboration, which provided complete visibility and reporting capability for the many municipalities the project crosses. The metadata organizational structure within Oracle Aconex allowed Parsons to assign a specific number to each of the more than 100 utilities, such as power and water lines, which had to be relocated. This information was used to ensure that all related information was accessible, tracked, and reported accurately.

Establishing Oracle Aconex as the single platform used by all parties on the highway project reduced errors and duplication, and also ensured everyone was working from the same information. This cross-project transparency increased the number of issues that were identified and resolved earlier in the project, at the 60% review point instead of the 90% review, saving the project time and money.

The level of automation and the ability for project managers and engineers to easily access the information they needed helped to reduce the number of document controllers required during the six-year project and enabled the document controllers to complete higher-level work, such as improving processes, instead of more administrative tasks.

Published:March 19, 2021