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Paseo Quilín Mall

Oracle Customer Success

Paseo Quilín Mall empowers remote staff with Oracle Cloud


By moving to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, finance team improves efficiency, embraces remote work, and focuses more on analysis.

Business challenges

From cars to clothes, from food to movies, the Paseo Quilín Mall in Santiago, Chile, has something for everyone at its more than 150 stores. Opened in 2006, the mall’s leadership decided several years ago that managing that many leases required a different management system than the one they started with on that grand opening day.

“It was fine with only 60 stores, which is how the mall started, but when you get to 150, then billing, generating reports, and making sure that everyone is synchronized, everything just gets more tedious,” says Alvaro Rivera, new businesses deputy manager at Mall Paseo Quilín. Plus, the legacy system was on-premises, which meant lots of server maintenance and slow performance. In 2017, the company decided to move to the cloud and was searching for an ERP that could fit the new needs.

After almost three years of using Oracle Cloud ERP, I believe it was the best choice we could’ve made, no doubt.

Alvaro Rivera

Deputy Business Manager, Mall Paseo Quilín

Why Paseo Quilín Mall Chose Oracle

Mall Paseo Quilín chose Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP because of the range of capabilities that the cloud service delivered. The leadership also wanted the ability for employees to have remote access, which the cloud-based Oracle ERP made easy.

In addition to the product capabilities, the Mall Paseo Quilín team was impressed by Oracle’s approach as a partner focused on the mall’s success. “There is a dedication, a concern, around customer service that gives you a lot of advantages in the industry,” Rivera says. “I don’t know any other company that has customer service that’s as good as Oracle’s.”


With Oracle Cloud ERP in place, the Mall Paseo Quilín team has cut the time that it spends on manual tasks such as data entry and report creation, and instead focus on finding ways to run the business better. Another key benefit has been easy remote access for employees.

The deployment process took approximately six months, between both migrating the information from the previous system and training employees on Oracle Cloud ERP. At first, employees were a bit wary of the change, but everyone quickly realized the benefits. “The hours that were previously dedicated to tedious typing, or to reviewing forms full of data, today are dedicated to analysis, conclusions, and to improving the business,” Rivera says. Generating a report today is much faster.

Working remotely, which used to be impossible for finance employees, now is easily accommodated. “For billing processes, credit notes, and reports, people are connecting to the ERP directly from their homes, and it turned out to be exactly like being in the office,” Rivera says. Having the option of remote work is essential for the business to continue running nowadays. Not only does Oracle Cloud ERP let people work remotely, it helps them work more effectively by improving processes. “It simplifies the processes—makes them faster and more dynamic—and it also allows us to be connected in a non-physical way,” Rivera says. “We were prepared to work remotely, we just had to ‘flip a switch’ and we were ready.”

Oracle has been a tremendous partner. I mean, I’d heard several times that they don’t just sell licenses anymore, that they sell customer service, and I believe that's fundamental.

Alvaro Rivera

Deputy Business Manager, Paseo Quilín Mall

Published: April 22, 2021