Oracle Cloud delivers insight for Patterson Advertising Reports

Oracle Analytics on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure help clients gather and visualize data in new ways.

Previously we used Excel pivot tables to prepare information for clients, but the Oracle analytics tools are better, faster, and more dynamic. The analytics dashboards are becoming vital to our business. Oracle lets us do year-over-year comparisons and visualize our data in multiyear graphs.

Kari Patterson MitchellPresident, Patterson Advertising Reports

Business challenges

Patterson Advertising Reports scrutinizes more than 475 magazines and hundreds of online newsletters to track industry spending patterns. This data is valuable to advertisers that want to analyze what they are spending in various magazines and markets. It also lets clients compare their expenditures against competitor expenditures. Advertising is a data-intensive business driven by actionable analytics.

“Customers like to know their ‘share of voice’ in various media,” explains Kari Patterson Mitchell, president of Patterson Advertising Reports. “We pull out more competitive advertising detail than any other ad-tracking service. We can identify who is spending the most dollars, which advertisers are in control, and how those trends change over time.”

Why Patterson Chose Oracle?

Patterson provides good, accurate information that helps people strategize and make better business decisions. Oracle Analytics enables Patterson to slice and dice the data in ways that it couldn’t do using traditional BI dashboards. Previously, clients purchased the data, loaded it into their own databases, and analyzed it internally. With the new cloud-based platform, Patterson plans to eliminate these downloads and let clients access data directly in Oracle Cloud. 

“Excel was fine, but we had to do a fair amount of preparation to load the data,” Mitchell explains. “Plus, Excel couldn’t easily handle the scale and volume of data we are now analyzing, which often includes tens of thousands of rows.”


Mitchell and her team plan to take advantage of new technologies, such as spatial intelligence to visualize geographic data and location metrics to display data on digital maps. Customers will be able to explore their own data, create their own visualizations, and run their own reports. And they can use cloud-based data visualization to create their own charts, play with variables, and answer questions on the fly. Augmented analytics, standard with Oracle Analytics, can help customers explore new avenues of inquiry, enriching the data set without user intervention.

Steve Chamberlin, CEO at Sensa Analytics (an Oracle analytics partner that is helping Patterson with its cloud implementation) believes Oracle’s robust, AI-driven cloud services are a game-changer for small companies, which previously didn’t have the staff and budget to purchase enterprise-caliber software.

Patterson’s initial results are exceptional. In addition, Patterson can integrate new data sets and set up entirely new cloud databases in less than 15 minutes.


Sensa Analytics (an Oracle analytics partner that is helping Patterson with its cloud implementation)

Published:May 26, 2020