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Oracle Customer Success—Persona Co., Ltd.

Persona Co., Ltd.

Persona Creates Management Reports in Just 10 Minutes with Oracle EPM Cloud


Using a flexible Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service enabled us to generate management reports in just 10 minutes and share the data across different departments. We can also easily analyze the profitability of each credit card brand against the budget, supporting strategic decisions.

— Hiroyuki Takeuchi, Executive Director and Business Strategy Officer, Persona Co., Ltd.

Persona Creates Management Reports in Just 10 Minutes, Gains Profitability Insight by Each Card Brand, and Supports Strategic Decisions

Persona Co., Ltd.—a subsidiary company of H2O Retailing—offers various credit card brands, including Persona, Solena, Hakata Hankyu Emerald, and Emerald STACIA, to customers in Japan. By leveraging its parent company’s extensive retail network of Hankyu Hanshin department stores, Persona issued more than 1 million credit cards. To support rapid growth since the introduction of their own card brands in 2014, Persona wanted to gain deeper insight into the profitability of each credit card brand and make better decisions to develop business strategy.

Business Challenge
  • Gain ability to easily monitor and compare the actual revenues, expenses and other profitability figures for each credit card brand against the budget and to support strategic decisions, including resource allocation and business restructuring
  • Boost card profitability by allowing not only top management but also the frontline staff in each department, such as sales and marketing, to rapidly access and view the financial data of different card brands
  • Improve the accuracy and efficiency of preparing management reports by automating the data collection, aggregation, and analysis processes across departments
  • Provide a flexible and integrated financial and budgeting system and enable users to easily customize reports without relying on a particular employee’s expertise
  • Reduced burden on accounting staff and enabled them to focus on strategic tasks, such as formulating business plans by allowing users to automatically create management reports in just 10 minutes with Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service instead of taking a full day to manually consolidate results from a large number of budget tables
  • Minimized repeated tasks and supported more in-depth analysis by giving users the self-service flexibility to rapidly generate reports based on individual needs, such as selecting the required data and reusing the report format, instead of relying on a particular employee
  • Enhanced user experience by seamlessly integrating Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and providing a familiar interface for users to easily adopt and further improve reporting efficiency   
  • Reduced significant system configuration tasks by using an intuitive and flexible Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service to easily customize report format based on business needs, such as adding new department, without changing the application each time  
  • Made better decisions by enabling sales personnel to easily access and gain insight into the performance of each card and formulate strategies to maximize profitability, thanks to Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service’s built-in reporting and analysis feature
  • Supported business growth by providing an integrated business management platform with Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service and improving the ability to monitor and compare the results of financial data and key performance metrics, such as new card issuance and service termination


We chose Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service because it is flexible, reliable, and easy to deploy. The solution is also subscription based and managed by Oracle experts, helping us to support rapid growth and minimize the risk of system failure.

— Kaoru Iio, Assistant General Manager, Business Strategy Office, Persona Co., Ltd.


Persona worked with Oracle Diamond Partner, PwC Consulting LLC and Oracle Platinum Partner TIS Inc. to design the framework and business requirements for the new management reporting and budget analysis system based on Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service. TIS assisted Persona in system development and demonstration during the implementation. Persona completed the project in approximately three months and the accounting department started using the new system to generate reports for the monthly management meeting in July 2016.

“By leveraging the flexibility of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service, we can gradually roll out the solution without requiring full implementation across all areas in one time.” Toru Idutsu, manager, business management office, Persona Co., Ltd.

About Persona Co., Ltd.


Osaka, Japan

Persona Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of H2O Retailing, which is also a member company of Hankyu Hanshin Toho Group. Persona offers various credit card brands to customers across Japan and also other associated financial services, such as cashing service, mainly in the Kansai region.


Persona engaged TIS to implement Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service due to their proven track record of delivering successful projects to many other customers. TIS defined system structure and user interface via weekly meetings with Persona and ensured the new platform met the business requirements.

“TIS are not only an IT expert but they also have good knowledge in accounting packages. With their professionalism and friendly staff, we successfully deployed Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service in a very short time,” Yumi Sawada, sub manager, business strategy office, Persona Co., Ltd.

Published:  Jan 01, 2018