PGNiG switched to Oracle Enterprise Identity Services for its capabilities and support


Here at PGNiG, we selected Oracle Identity and Access Management in place of our previous IAM technology. We made the decision to replace the incumbent solution because Oracle IAM offered the functionality and support we needed. Providing secure and high-performance identity and access management is top priority for us, especially when it comes to our business-critical applications. Our IAM implementation took just 6 months and throughout this process, we’ve received efficient support and partnership from the local Oracle and local partner teams. We’ve received continued support first with implementation, then with our upgrade to Oracle Identity Management 12c PS4, and as we continue to evolve and grow. Over the past few years, we have been working on how to get the most out of our IAM implementation to improve our access management process. We’ve established role-based access control, which helps us reduce the number of access requests new employees need to send and gives us confidence that any changes to the organizational structure are immediately and properly handled by our IAM system. Leveraging the knowledge and support from the Oracle and local partner teams help us establish critical processes for efficient privilege management using periodic certification for high-risk entitlements.

Piotr KurekActing Deputy Director for Applications, IT Department
Published:October 31, 2022