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Philips transforms campaign and lead management to gain control, visibility, and value


Royal Philips is one of the largest HealthTech companies in the world with core divisions covering Personal Health and Health Systems solutions. Tasked with managing thousands of customer touchpoints across multiple channels, the company recognized the role that digital technologies could play in bringing together people and data across their global markets to improve customer engagement. Philips therefore launched the Digital@Scale initiative, a digital transformation program encompassing CRM and digital campaign management to transform both B2B and B2C CRM across its global business units. A particular focus was to remodel the B2B campaign and lead management capabilities on a global scale, with a fully integrated and consistent process for greater control and visibility throughout the lead lifecyle. Philips looked to Oracle Marketing to assist in this transformation across domains.

Business challenges

Before working with Oracle Marketing as part of their wider lead and campaign management transformation, Philips had a complex manual process in place for B2B lead management, and in some instances, opportunities were not addressed promptly enough. Undertaking a comprehensive review of its campaign and lead management program, the Global Brand, Communications and Digital CRM Campaign B2B team recognized that they could significantly improve the entire process—from identification of interest through to lead qualification to sale opportunity creation. This was also the time to improve communication between the sales and marketing teams, who struggled to efficiently share information about marketing initiatives, lead generation, and sales pipeline. As a result of these disjointed and ineffective processes, the measurement of campaign key performance indicators (KPIs) was very difficult, making it impossible to clearly see results.

Philips decided that the campaign and lead management processes needed to be completely re-designed and formalized, to allow greater control of customer journey, better access to the customer data, improve visibility between the sales and marketing teams.

We’ve been very impressed at how quickly our new campaign and lead management capability has delivered results. After only nine months, we generated 600 MQLs and delivered new pipeline worth €9M – not to mention the wider business benefits that come from having real control and visibility of the end-to-end leads process.

Scott MacDonald

B2B CRM Lead, Philips

Get the details

Founded by Gerard Philips and his father Frederik in 1891, Philips is a Dutch company that employs over 105,000 people across more than 60 countries. As the business has grown its international presence and developed a comprehensive range of new products, the B2B customer base has expanded to create contact with thousands of individuals across multiple touchpoints. However, keeping on top of customer leads has not always been a straightforward process.


Philips leveraged Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation to 1) completely re-design their campaign management capabilities and ways of working, for both B2B and B2C, and 2) to connect Eloqua Marketing Automation with the existing lead management system to address specific challenges identified by each market.

  • All customer data centrally stored. Data is housed in one globally approved, standardized, and secure system reducing the likelihood of misplacing or overlooking key lead information.
  • Full integration with sales CRM system. Customer data and touchpoints are captured along the customer journey—from interest to opportunity—so engagement is personalized
  • Framework for lead progression. Any new leads secured from the web, email, or events would follow the same trackable and measurable path.
  • Double opt-in email subscriptions. Ensure that Philips was operating in a legally compliant manner.
  • New KPI reporting: Offered increased visibility of the whole end-to-end lead process via the Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation and CRM platforms.
  • Staff training: Alongside investment in the new lead management program more than 95% of sales and marketing staff were onboarded and trained on the new processes and systems.


The new B2B campaign and lead management way of working was piloted first in the UK market, as part of the wider Digital@Scale Program, to be then deployed across the whole of Royal Philips Health Systems (B2B) and an additional 16 Markets (>60 countries).

The new Royal Philips B2B campaign and lead management capability began yielding results after few months of operation. After nine months in the UK market, the new capability had delivered a pipeline for sales worth € 9M and 600 MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads).

Critically, the new capability has given marketing and sales teams clearer visibility of both new and existing leads, bringing the two departments closer together as they work through opportunities. Further benefits included:

  • Leads that are carefully qualified so that the sales team only receives the most relevant leads.
  • The leads generated from digital activity are higher quality, generating more trust from sales.
  • Improved customer engagement opportunities throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Clear visibility of the main KPIs to judge success with instantly accessible reports.


With the campaign and lead management capability firmly in place in the UK, it has been deployed throughout all of Royal Philips globally, and extended to include welcome, lead nurture, and re-engagement campaigns as well.