Pinnacle handles 1 billion daily transactions on SMS Gateway application

Communications services provider improves performance by 40% and boosts security with MySQL HeatWave Database Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


MySQL HeatWave running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has been instrumental for creating optimum performance and scalability for our business operations. Not only has the solution brought reliability, but also cost savings, much needed for any business.

Dhiraj RokadeAssistant General Manager, Information Technology, Pinnacle Teleservices

Business challenges

Pinnacle Teleservices, which offers an array of services to improve clients’ communications and their customers’ engagement, was running its enterprise workloads on an on-premises infrastructure that delivered poor performance.

Running two different versions of MySQL Community Edition, hosted by Digital Ocean, to handle up to 300 million daily transactions left the company struggling to quickly provision resources to support its SMS Gateway application at peak times. This led Pinnacle to look for a database platform in the cloud that would deliver scalability, improve operational excellence, and support its most resource-intensive workloads and applications.

To help customers achieve their business goals through message targeting, Pinnacle held confidential data and personally identifiable information on its database. To ensure the highest level of security, the company required extensive security features to safeguard its database against external attacks. This would also enable the organization to enhance security strategy and adhere to data privacy regulations, such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

To ensure fulfillment of service level agreements, Pinnacle needed a maximum availability architecture that would help mitigate potential errors automatically to guarantee disruption-free daily operations.

Lastly, the communications services provider required an elastic database platform that would remove time-consuming and resource-intensive Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes—enabling it to efficiently run analytical queries without deploying an analytics database.

MySQL HeatWave optimally supports our resource-intensive database workloads with added performance and enhanced security.

Rajesh BanerjeeDirector and Cofounder, Pinnacle Teleservices

Why Pinnacle Teleservices chose Oracle

Pinnacle ran a proof of concept comparing different cloud providers, including AWS Redshift and GCP. The company decided on MySQL HeatWave Database Service running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) because of its integrated technology stack with increased database performance and a pay-per-use pricing model. MySQL Heatwave provides an in-memory query accelerator eliminating the latency, complexity, and cost of ETL processes.

The organization also valued Oracle’s extensive set of security features, which were critical in strengthening its security strategy and guaranteeing a maximum availability architecture, as well as the 24/7 assistance provided by Oracle Premium Support.

Pinnacle helps ensure reliability, data security, and maximum availability for omnichannel communications services by migrating database workloads to Oracle MySQL HeatWave running on OCI.


By migrating its database workloads to MySQL HeatWave on OCI, Pinnacle consolidated resource-intensive workloads on a single database cloud platform, with 40% better performance than AWS Redshift.

In addition, the move to OCI removed costly and extensive hardware maintenance, enabling Pinnacle to focus instead on more strategic operational challenges. The agility gained from OCI’s on-demand scalability allowed Pinnacle to easily provision resources to support all database workloads, even during peak usage. It also empowered the company’s IT department to prioritize development of existing and new applications. As a result, the company’s SMS Gateway application can manage more than 3X the daily transactions, up to 1 billion.

Pinnacle eliminated all ETL processes because MySQL HeatWave can run both online transaction processing and online analytical processing workloads. The company now delivers accurate transaction analytics in real time from MySQL Heatwave—without needing to index data beforehand.

Tapping the powerful encryption available with MySQL HeatWave, Pinnacle secures the confidential data and personally identifiable information held on its database. As a result, the company meets all relevant domestic and international data privacy and data protection laws.

Furthermore, Pinnacle uses the Oracle Cloud data center in Mumbai to store multiple data copies across storage servers with a built-in repair mechanism. This allows the company to protect against data loss and fully comply with data residency regulations in India.

The outstanding support received from the MySQL engineering team and Oracle Premier Support was critical during and after the migration phase. It helped Pinnacle easily deploy the solution in a timely manner on OCI and focus on making the most out of its applications.

Pinnacle also decreased total cost of ownership (TCO) through MySQL HeatWave’s pay-per-use pricing model.

Published:September 19, 2022

About the customer

Pinnacle Teleservices is an Indian omnichannel communications services provider. With 220 employees, the company offers an array of services to improve its customers’ communications and their clients’ engagement—including WhatsApp Business APIs, Google RCS, TrueCaller Services, Chatbots, and Business Messaging Services.