Playwire drives revenue opportunities with Oracle Moat

Oracle Moat helped Playwire determine which key metrics to showcase in-market to tell a brand-direct narrative and entice advertiser spend.


Publishers joining Playwire receive the immediate benefit of all insights and tools Moat has to offer through our turnkey technology solution with no additional development work required. Our Partner Success Team then continually works with our publishers to ensure great metrics for their users and our advertisers. This in turn leads to better monetization as well as a healthy and brand-safe online ecosystem benefiting everyone.

Nathan ThomasSVP, Playwire Product & Innovation

Business challenges

To add value to its network-wide performance, Playwire, a publisher network, wanted to highlight its direct-to-advertiser value proposition using key engagement metrics.

Why Playwire chose Oracle

Metrics from Oracle Moat helped Playwire craft a positive story about the benefits the company provides to both advertisers and publishers. After seeing Moat’s insights templates, Playwire saw an opportunity to share their successful performance in-market.


Sales enablement insights provided by Oracle Moat helped generate in-market narratives on why working with Playwire gets publishers and advertisers desired viewability, attention, and ad exposure to meet their goals.

Playwire uses insights from Oracle Moat to share valuable audience attention metrics for advertisers. Reported advertiser results include in-view times at 149% above Moat benchmark, universal interaction rate at 173% above Moat benchmark, active page dwell time at 40% above Moat benchmark.

Insights from Moat also demonstrate Playwire’s brand safe inventory and impact for advertisers, as comprised by premium publishers’ results. The reported brand safe rate reached 99.7%, total exposure hours hit 12.9 million, and in-view time was 81% more than the Moat benchmark.

Published:December 15, 2021