PLUS Malaysia sees business gains from huge integration with Oracle Cloud Apps

Malaysia’s biggest highway operator embraces Oracle Cloud applications and infrastructure to streamline operations and standardize processes.


Previously, whenever finance people wanted to get procurement data, they needed to get it from the procurement department. But with Oracle Cloud ERP, they can now access the data easily. This centralized data is a source of truth, and nobody can dispute the validity of it.

Mohd Rozman Bin GhaniHead of ERP Systems and Support Department, PLUS Malaysia Berhad

Business challenges

PLUS Malaysia Berhad is a subsidiary of leading infrastructure and services conglomerate the UEM Group. As Malaysia’s biggest highway operator, it serves more than 1.7 million users daily. Historically, the company struggled with an overwhelming number of different applications. Key corporate systems, including finance, procurement, and human resources were heavily fragmented across multiple platforms. 

The data reported from month to month was inconsistent and had to be compiled manually. “Whenever the subsidiaries reported the data, it seemed to always be changing,” says Mohd Rozman Bin Ghani, head of the ERP systems and support department. The process was so time-consuming and difficult to manage that PLUS Malaysia and other UEM entities found it challenging to work in unison and make sound business decisions based on the data gleaned from the legacy systems.

Instead of pursuing a series of complex upgrades, PLUS Malaysia decided to move its entire infrastructure to a pure cloud environment and to integrate its enterprise applications across groups. Also, the company needed to comply with a mandate to conduct 100% of procurement activities in one system to streamline processes.

The advantage of Oracle Cloud HCM is that we don't need VPN access. Employees can access it with a web browser or on their mobile phones. This has changed the way people work, making life easier for them.

Vincent LeoHead of Digital Initiative Studio, PLUS Malaysia Berhad

Why PLUS Malaysia Berhad chose Oracle

The need for better and faster financial reporting drove PLUS Malaysia to adopt Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, as well as OCI Integration, part of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), to support stronger integration across these systems.

Company leaders realized that moving to Oracle Cloud would consolidate different legacy systems across various entities and standardize the user experience, all while facilitating 20-plus integrations across multiple Oracle and third-party products.


After implementing Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM, 12 finance, 14 supply chain, and 16 HR applications were integrated across operating entities for UEM Group. With Oracle Cloud ERP, the company’s financial processes became increasingly automated and efficient because it could follow industry best practices for tasks such as expense approval, procurement, month-end closing, and reporting. Using Oracle Cloud HCM, everything from performance and goals management to time and labor and absence management were standardized.

The company now enjoys a unified, automated reporting platform, along with robust capabilities for drilling down into the details of its operations. It replaced disjointed workflows with seamless, end-to-end processes that comply with local requirements. In terms of month-end closing, even though the timeline remains unchanged, there are fewer manual journals to post.

With the help of OCI Integration, PLUS Malaysia built 20-plus integrations across multiple enterprise applications. PLUS Malaysia gained a more connected back office, with a single view into the larger business’s data. The company also tapped Oracle Visual Builder to build an extended module from ERP to customize a new user interface for managing service procurement requirements.


Oracle Consulting, along with Oracle partner Tech Mahindra, ran this major transformation. They integrated various applications onto Oracle’s cloud module to transform the company’s enterprise and back-office functions. The teams launched the Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and HCM implementations in November 2019.

As a result, PLUS Malaysia optimized operations, improved services, and standardized processes with increased agility and flexibility. 

Published:February 14, 2023

About the customer

PLUS Malaysia Berhad is the expressway arm of the UEM Group. It is the largest highway operator in Malaysia and has been managing the country’s toll roads since 1988. It serves over 1.7 million users daily and provides links to major seaports, airports, and industrial centers.