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Oracle Customer Success—Police Department of Izmir City

Police Department of Izmir City

Police Department of Izmir City Handles Emergency Calls 30% Faster with Fully Integrated Emergency Response System


Thanks to Oracle Fusion Middleware, we now have a fully integrated security and emergency-response management system that allows us to respond faster to public safety threats, which, in turn, boosts public confidence.

— Özden Şahintürk, Head of Communication and Electronics, Police Department of Izmir City

The Police Department of Izmir City is responsible for ensuring public safety and security for over four million Izmir City residents. The department responds to the full range of threats, including those related to security and to immigration, pollution, and public disorder offenses. Its operations span 35 police stations across multiple city districts. In addition to maintaining close relations with citizens and municipal organizations, it coordinates with other emergency services where necessary, such as with fire department and ambulance services, to meet its goal of making Izmir City a safer place for all.
Business Challenge
  • Improve public safety by integrating all resources and technologies—such as surveillance systems, police-vehicle tracking systems, vehicle-plate identification cameras, and geographical information systems—to enhance coordination of tactical operations and enable real-time feedback between various security personnel
  • Increase efficiency of emergency-response management, for example by automating phone and software systems that call-center personnel use, to avoid slow and error-prone manual data entry and duplicate records of single events reported by multiple callers
  • Optimize allocation of security personnel and vehicles throughout the city as well as deployment of call-center staff in the emergency command and control center
  • Deployed Oracle Fusion Middleware products to integrate previously siloed security technologies—such as surveillance systems hosting 560 cameras, a video analytics system, phone and radio record systems, and geographic information systems—to provide a unified, tactically, and strategically enhanced security and emergency response system for 245 command-and-control-center personnel
  • Reduced operators’ call-handling time by 30%, thanks to automatic call routing based on location and case type and by implementing call-queue tracking—enabling faster responses to public-safety events and threats, while dramatically reducing call-queuing times in emergency situations where every second counts
  • Improved ability to rapidly identify and respond to blacklisted vehicles by using Oracle SOA Suite to enable data sharing between multiple security modules, such as between vehicle-plate recognition cameras and the command-and-control application
  • Accelerated police response times by automatically processing 500 plate-recognition system alarms, 3,000 location service requests, and 5,000,000 global positioning system data transactions, thanks to Oracle SOA Suite
  • Enabled real-time feedback from security staff to the command and control center and optimized the management of individual events and citywide security resources, thanks to a Turkish-language portal for 35 police stations and 300 police vehicles
  • Eliminated duplication of single events reported by multiple witnesses and greatly improved emergency-response management because all command and control-center shift workers share the same on-screen data and are automatically notified of event repetitions
  • Used Oracle Enterprise Service Bus to process data—including data from the vehicle location system—and ensure it reaches the command and control software so that operators know the exact location of 300 police cars and can also identify any system components causing errors
  • Ensured optimum resource management of call handlers and 11,000 city security employees by efficient dispatches from five to six regions based on event-density reports, facilitated by Oracle Business Process Management
  • Used Oracle Real Application Clusters, an Oracle Database option, and Oracle Fusion Middleware components to ensure constant availability of the command-and-control-center system and 24/7 continuity for enhanced emergency services—with clustered redundancy across two locations
  • Improved public safety and operational efficiency by processing and routing approximately 3,000 calls and 2,000 events daily using Oracle Event Processing
  • Reduced risk and improved efficiency of future projects through standardized IT architecture and processes


Only Oracle has the standards-based technologies covering the extremely diverse set of security modules that are critical to our security-response management operations. Now that all components are integrated, we can provide much faster responses to the full range of security issues affecting the daily lives of our citizens, making Izmir City a much safer place.

— Özden Şahintürk, Head of Communication and Electronics, Police Department of Izmir City

About Police Department of Izmir City


Izmir, Turkey




The Police Department of Izmir City selected Oracle partner Atos SE for its Oracle implementation based on the group’s deep knowledge of Oracle Fusion Middleware components and integration capabilities with various third-party modules. Atos consultants cooperated closely with the city’s key stakeholders and completed the implementation on time and within budget.
Published:  Mar 09, 2020