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Oracle Customer Success — Portobello


Portobello Boosts HR Productivity with Oracle HCM Cloud


Last year, our massive performance appraisal process was handled through spreadsheets. It was an error-prone, time-consuming, and manual exercise. With Oracle HCM Cloud, we increased productivity and now quickly create more reliable assessment reports.

— Martim Andre Studt, CIO, Portobello

Portobello Modernizes Employee Evaluation System, Processes Talent Data 3x Faster, and Enhances Productivity with Oracle 

Portobello, a ceramic manufacturer in Brazil, developed a comprehensive system to evaluate the performance of its 250 employees in leadership positions, providing HR managers with crucial information to make wise decisions and maximize potential. The HR team initially used spreadsheets to compile and analyze data, but due to the increasing volume of data generated by the employee assessment, the process became inefficient and time-consuming. Portobello decided to automate the process with Oracle HCM Cloud.
  • Automate the ceramic manufacturer’s leadership assessment process, eliminating the use of error-prone spreadsheets to gather and analyze data from more than 1,500 files and reports
  • Accelerate the production of performance and talent assessment reports
  • Ensure personal information security and accuracy
  • Deployed Oracle HCM Cloud and replaced the use of error-prone spreadsheets with a fully-automated system to collect data and produce personnel talent reports 
  • Expedited data management 3x faster—reducing the headcount required to manage that data from 3 to 1
  • Centralized all staff managers’ performance, potential, and competence on a single system, while facilitating information exchange within the HR team—eliminating data updates via email, which jeopardized data accuracy
  • Increased personnel data security and enhanced report reliability, tracking all modifications on Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Facilitated employee access to their personal assessment reports to quickly identify strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities 
  • Generate easy-to-read charts that provide managers with a clear overview of employees’ capabilities and personnel gaps in the organization—improving managers’ ability to identify talent within the manufacturing company
  • Provided a reliable talent assessment infrastructure that can be expanded to other functions and business units, while encouraging management to adopt new evaluation methods, such as a 360-degree feedback assessment


We evaluated other vendors—Cornerstone, SAP’s SuccessFactors, and Mereo—and selected Oracle. We tested Oracle HCM Cloud and saw that we could simply integrate our system onto its platform. Moreover, Oracle’s team was very flexible and made the best proposal.

— Martim Andre Studt, CIO, Portobello

About Portobello


Santa Catarina, Brasil


Headquartered in Santa Catarina, Brazil, Portobello is the country’s largest ceramic manufacturer. Founded in 1979, the company produces 30 million square meters of ceramic material each year, supplying both the Brazilian and international export markets.


Supero assigned a very responsible and dedicated team to work with us and was totally committed to delivering the project on time,” said Martim Andre Studt, CIO, Portobello.
Published:  Dec 05, 2017