PrimeQ Pty., Ltd.

Oracle Customer Success

PrimeQ Slashes Financial Closing Time and Gains Competitive Edge with Oracle


PrimeQ Completes Financial Close in Hours Instead of Days, Improves Project Billing Accuracy, and Supports Expansion with Oracle ERP Cloud.

PrimeQ Ltd. is an Oracle Platinum Partner that provides a range of Oracle solutions—from on-premises applications to hybrid and full-cloud rollouts—in Australia and New Zealand. Its goal is to create lasting relationships with customers and deliver the best possible solutions for any organization.

To support rapid expansion through acquisitions, PrimeQ wanted to implement a scalable Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud to improve financial consolidation efficiency across its offices and enhance business credibility.

Business challenges

Ensure billing accuracy for customers’ IT projects and support consolidation efforts for different legal entities in Australia and New Zealand

Gain greater scalability to expand the business by deploying an enterprise-grade financial management solution that is fast to implement and affordable 

Learn and replicate the deployment strategy for Oracle ERP Cloud customers to enhance competitive edge in the market

By automating financial consolidation processes with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud across all entities, we reduced time to close month-end and ensured project billing accuracy. The solutions also provided us with greater scalability to grow and enhanced our credibility with customers.

Chris Downie

Chief Technology Officer, PrimeQ Ltd.

Why PrimeQ Pty., Ltd. Chose Oracle

PrimeQ adopted Oracle ERP Cloud based on its best-practice, business-process approach and successfully migrated to Oracle ERP Cloud in just 10 weeks. PrimeQ plans to rollout Oracle Sales Cloud for opportunity tracking and pipeline management as its next step.

“I couldn’t find fault in the engagement with Oracle as a customer. Anytime we had an issue, Oracle responded to us very quickly,” Downie said. “The functionality in Oracle ERP Cloud is simply best in class. You get the software that also includes all the analytics, reporting, mobility solutions, and social networking capabilities.”


Reduced time to complete the month-end financial close—just hours instead of days—by automating financial consolidation across multiple currencies, tax jurisdictions, and legal entities in two countries via Oracle ERP Cloud 

Produced more accurate and timely project billing and provided an accurate assessment of validated project costs, such as consultant timesheets and travel expenses, with Oracle ERP Cloud’s project portfolio management capability

Reduced administrative workload for IT consultants and enabled them to focus on serving customers by automatically pushing data from the cloud to create invoices for customers to review without manual intervention

Ensured consistent approach to managing client projects—capturing information for each project via a pre-configured template and providing real-time insight for managers to compare metrics (such as profitability or overruns) via Oracle ERP Cloud’s executive dashboards 

Increased competitive edge by showcasing the lessons learned from implementing and managing Oracle ERP Cloud and enhancing business credibility among clients

Enhanced user experience by allowing consultants to quickly upload receipt photos and submit expense reports via mobile devices rather than the scan-and-email process

Supported future expansion by using a flexible Oracle ERP Cloud solution, allowing the company to start with a small number of users and scale the investment as the business grows

We sell and implement Oracle solutions, so it makes perfect sense to adopt Oracle ERP Cloud and enhance our credibility with customers and prospects. Oracle also offers a more complete suite of cloud applications than Microsoft and SAP, giving us the flexibility to expand to other areas as needed.

Chris Downie

Chief Technology Officer, PrimeQ Ltd.