Project Ronin delivers AI-enabled clinical care with OCI

The healthcare innovator trusts Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to help provide physicians with the best information possible to improve patient outcomes.


The number one question every cancer patient has is ‘What is going to happen to me?’ We’re supplying data using machine learning hosted in Oracle Cloud to give oncologists real insights so they can decide with their patients on the best treatment plan and help answer that question.

Dave HodgsonCEO and Cofounder, Project Ronin

Ronin is a healthcare pioneer that connects doctors, patients, and data through AI to empower better-informed cancer treatment decisions. Healthcare data is vast and incredibly complicated, so the company needed a way to process and interpret all that data to provide clinicians with the best available information. Company leaders selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for its high performance, scalable compute power with NVIDIA, AMD and Ampere processors, and robust security. Along with Oracle Generative AI, Ronin reduced the time it took oncologists to access critical data from 20 minutes to less than 5 minutes. Most importantly, OCI gave the company the flexibility to build more machine learning innovation into its platform, which is integrated with Oracle Health electronic medical records. This gave clinicians personalized insights into the best treatment plan to improve patient outcomes.

Published:December 15, 2023