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Oracle Customer Success — Promata GmbH

Promata GmbH

Promata Saves Resources and Reduces Cost with Oracle Cloud


As a service provider for the automotive industry, we need to be flexible, reliable, fast, and cost-efficient. With Oracle Platform as a Service and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service, we were able to achieve almost unimaginable progress in each of these areas.

— Michael Wolf, Founder and Managing Director, Promata GmbH

Promata Increases Business Agility and Reduces Cost by 30% Using Oracle’s Cloud Databases, Infrastructure, and Applications

As an owner-run marketing support agency, Promata’s main focus is assisting automobile manufacturers with the execution of marketing and sales promotion measures. The company plans marketing and bonus campaigns, conducted through web-based trade communication, and monitors the results. Moreover, Promata coordinates training and educational measures for entire sales networks and organizes manufacturers’ live events. More than 300 projects with some 265,000 vehicle deliveries and approximately 650,000 documents are processed per year. On behalf of the manufacturers, the agency oversees and takes responsibility for a budget in excess of US$1 billion. It also delivers real-time evaluations which provide manufacturers and dealers with up-to-date information on demand.

Owing to the clients’ requirements, these campaigns are becoming ever more complex and need to be executed faster and faster, yet still be error-free. Clients are furthermore demanding reports with detailed information, drilling down to individual vehicles or vendors. The dedicated, externally-hosted IT infrastructure used at that time by Promata was no longer able to cope with these demands. Modifications, expansions, or new functions were too complicated, took too long, or could not be effective. To secure its longstanding working relationship with its clients and its position as a specialist service partner, Promata needed an IT infrastructure that was more powerful, more flexible, and the most cost-effective.

  • Deploy a powerful, flexible, and cost-effective IT infrastructure with which individual process logics and information flows from all sales promotion campaigns for automobile manufacturers can be fully and transparently depicted
  • Reduce total costs for measures such as discount or bonus campaigns for car manufacturers’ dealers by at least 20%
  • Ensure comprehensive process documentation for the approval and distribution of bonus payments to car dealers to demonstrate at customer or external audits that these processes are error-free and realized within a secure IT environment
  • Create a development and test environment for marketing and sales promotion projects within which they can be devised and implemented in the shortest possible time
  • Deploy a system with state-of-the-art protection against unauthorized access, losses, and downtime, and store data in encrypted format to meet stringent legal and customer-specific data protection requirements
  • Develop a needs-appropriate and customer-friendly financing option to implement the project
  • Migrated more than 200 applications such as a web-based platform for trade communication or a training management system with a total of approximately 1.5 terabytes (TB) to the Oracle Cloud, increasing the organization’s flexibility and performance to process marketing and sales promotion projects quickly and efficiently
  • Gained the ability to design and put in place new concepts for automobile manufacturers’ sales promotion or training campaigns and the corresponding offers for their implementation within the shortest possible timeframe, without requiring additional in-house resources or impairing ongoing project operations
  • Accelerated database processing speed substantially by upgrading to Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Partitioning, reducing the runtime of individual batch jobs by 37.5%—from 40 minutes to 25 minutes
  • Decreased the costs for the acquisition of external IT services by approximately 30% compared with the on-premises solution previously used
  • Gained the ability to handle sensitive content which—owing to data protection requirements—the company was not previously permitted to store in the on-premises environment, since the data in the Oracle Database 12c are stored in fully encrypted format
  • Enabled the organization to undergo audits by clients or external auditors at any time without difficulty and to demonstrate that all projects are handled in an error-free, failsafe and secure manner, since all IT resources are available at short notice and as needed
  • Leveraged the flexibility and scalability of the Oracle Cloud to allow for additional projects at short notice—for instance, to accompany the market launch of new car models—and used Oracle’s Accelerated Buying Experience to process capacity modifications within a couple of minutes
  • Adjusted the financing of the Oracle services to the company’s cashflow and other needs by working with Oracle Financing and the Oracle Acquisition Platform, thus acquiring the necessary flexibility to migrate the organization’s IT infrastructure to the Oracle Cloud smoothly and without any interruption to ongoing operations
  • Maintained the extremely low error rate of max. 0.1% for recording and processing documents such as dealers’ sales receipts and manufacturers’ bonus payments after moving to the Oracle Cloud

Why Oracle

As an Oracle Partner, Promata has a longstanding experience with Oracle products. Ahead of the migration the company examined a number of proposals for cloud services including five different concepts from its then host, Deutsche Telekom. Oracle nonetheless won the day for Cloud services as well, thanks to its comprehensive know-how and by offering the most flexible solution on the most affordable terms.


At the start of the project Promata initially only intended to migrate Oracle Database to the cloud, while further servers would remain with the existing host, Deutsche Telekom. It became apparent, however, that a more extensive move from on-premises to the Oracle Cloud would further ease the administration workload and boost performance. Accordingly, Promata decided to migrate its entire Oracle environment.

“We knew that we wouldn’t be taking a risk with Oracle. However, we were still surprised by how fully we were able to cover our needs with Oracle Platform as a Service and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service. And the dedication and outstanding support of all Oracle engineers and consultants made our decision even easier,” said Wolf.

About Promata GmbH


Cologne, Germany



Annual Revenue

Under US$100

As an owner-run marketing support agency, Promata GmbH has now been a service provider for 35 years, predominantly to the automotive industry and its dealer networks. It plans, coordinates, and executes complex projects relating to marketing and sales promotion campaigns, training and continuing education, and live events. Its longstanding clients include Ford, Mazda, Jaguar, and Land Rover.

Published:  Feb 01, 2017