Prophet improves targeting capabilities by 20% with Oracle DataFox

Global growth consultancy Prophet uses Oracle DataFox Data Management to power prospect and customer communications.   


Oracle DataFox has enabled us to become more data-driven, allowing us to refine our marketing approach and reach our target audiences more effectively.

Elida VanSledrightSenior Marketing Campaigns Associate, Prophet

Business challenges

Prophet is a global consultancy that helps clients unlock uncommon growth by reimagining brands and experiences, driving demand and customer engagement, and empowering people to transform their organizations.

During 2021, Prophet was looking to improve marketing engagement and ROI by incorporating more company data and market intelligence into its operations. The organization wanted to improve its match rate, clean up contacts that had inaccurate data, strengthen its lead and account scores, and fill in various data gaps.

Not only did the company need more data to segment its B2B customer and prospect database, but it also needed a solution that could integrate seamlessly with its Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation solution.

The seamless, automated integration with Oracle Eloqua was a game changer. We instantly had company data and market intelligence at our fingertips to improve segmentation and lead scoring. Oracle DataFox will continue to play an important role in our marketing efforts.

Elida VanSledrightSenior Marketing Campaigns Associate, Prophet

Why Prophet chose Oracle

Following a review of several leading data vendors, Prophet selected Oracle DataFox Data Management for its breadth and depth of data and ultimately for how seamlessly it could integrate with Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation. It took the company less than one day to implement the solution.

Prophet’s industry-specific prospect lists increased by 20%, thanks to Oracle DataFox.


Prophet uses Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation to build dynamic marketing campaigns that allow the company to target its ideal customer and intelligently adapt to its clients’ real-time activities. Oracle Eloqua allows Prophet to optimize engagement and deploy faster campaigns to deliver the best customer experience possible.

With the Oracle DataFox integration, Prophet is able to surface company intelligence data quickly and easily in the Oracle Eloqua system. The company was able to fill data gaps and enrich company records, seeing a 70% increase in the ability to classify companies by industry, revenue, and headcount.

Oracle DataFox also improved the accuracy of Prophet’s lead scoring algorithm to identify the best-fit leads and route them efficiently to the Prophet sales team.

Enriching leads and accounts with Oracle DataFox data enabled Prophet to build a more sophisticated and accurate lead scoring model in Oracle Eloqua and improve the company’s segmentation and targeting capabilities.

The vast amount of company data within Oracle DataFox also was pivotal in increasing by 20% the size of Prophet’s industry-specific prospect lists. 

Moving forward, Prophet plans to build account scores to target specific companies and identify overall business potential. The Prophet team anticipates Oracle DataFox will continue as a key component of the martech stack to positively impact the efficacy of Prophet’s marketing efforts.

Published:June 17, 2022