Propre speeds big data insights for growth with Oracle Cloud

The global real estate database provider migrates its big data platform from AWS to Oracle Autonomous Database and improves performance by 99%.


By migrating our real estate big data platform with units in the hundreds of millions from AWS to Oracle Autonomous Database, we reduced costs and saw massive performance improvements in just moving the data over. Without any tuning, we saw performance improvements of 99%. That was astonishing. We’re looking forward to even more robust support and business cooperation from Oracle, as our critical, big data platform runs 24/7.

Hisaya ShiraiCEO and Representative Director, Propre

Business challenges

Propre collects data daily from approximately 15 million public real estate properties across 17 countries to help buyers from anywhere in the world find the best property or existing owners to efficiently manage their property. Each property requires complex data aggregation and real-time analysis of about 30,000 attributes such as size, surrounding geography, nearby hospitals, quality of living ratings, and various investment indicators resulting in hundreds of millions data records.

The company plans to evolve as a global big data management company, increase its real estate coverage from 17 countries to 30, and expand into other industries, which will increase data volume by 3X. To accommodate the dramatic growth of data, Propre sought an alternative to its open source data platform, which was built on AWS. It needed to increase scalability and performance as well as reduce intensive data transfers of infrequently used data.

We benefit hugely from Oracle Autonomous Database, especially its ease of use and high performance. We also found the large-scale spatial applications we need for location intelligence to be enormously beneficial. We have been able to spend more time on innovation by developing new real-time information and analytics services.

Ryota NegishiChief Technology Officer, Propre

Why Propre chose Oracle

Ultimately, the company selected Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for its self-tuning, self-optimizing, and self-encryption capabilities that bring increased performance, security, and availability at significantly less cost than AWS. By eliminating the complexities of database administration, Propre reduced operational costs and cloud service fees for technical support and high-speed network connections.

Autoscaling in Oracle Autonomous Database provided more flexibility to adjust processing and storage capacity on demand without downtime. The company can schedule a large volume of data for batch patching, and minimize costs when idle.

Oracle Autonomous Database also provides spatial analytical features to integrate geographic and location data to enhance real estate insights and to deploy new services faster across industries.


After Propre moved its big data management platform from AWS to Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing cloud database, it immediately realized a 99% performance improvement without any tuning by staff.

Five to six specialized database administrators no longer spend time on constructing and tuning databases, thanks to Oracle’s self-optimizing autonomous database. Now, DBAs spend time on strategic, advanced analytics and spatial data visualizations aimed at business innovation. New, unique data services that used to take months to aggregate and analyze are now developed daily for real-time insights.

Propre also migrated a number of crawling servers from AWS EC2 to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure load balancing network services for low latency connection speeds at a tenth of the cost.

With new real estate and lifestyle trends created every day in the global market by a wide variety of people and data, Propre is positioned  to translate new information into insights.

Published:November 23, 2021