Pubfinity and Oracle pioneer in-game viewability measurement on Windows and Xbox

With Oracle Moat, the platform helps advertisers reach gamers with confidence in the unique, highly sought-after environment of Windows and Xbox apps.


Windows and Xbox are technically complex environments, so it was amazing how fast Oracle Moat got us up and running. Fast-forward to today and we are delivering billions of ads each month with Moat, giving us and our customers that huge confidence boost and a well-respected stamp of approval on our inventory.

Sam KaufmannCEO and Founder, Pubfinity

Business challenges

Operating in the unique Windows Universal Platform, which spans the Windows desktop, Xbox, and even HoloLens, Pubfinity’s end-to-end platform helps gaming publishers and developers monetize their apps through programmatic display, video, and native advertising. 

Although the Microsoft Ad Monetization Platform had some viewability measurement capabilities, the shutdown of the service in 2020 left many publishers looking for alternatives to monetize games through digital ads. Pubfinity recognized this gap in the market and saw it as an opportunity to meet the new demand.

The digital advertising industry grapples with ad fraud on all sides. Invalid traffic defrauds advertisers of their media spend and makes it more difficult for brands to justify the risk in spending in new digital environments like in-app games.

Third-party measurement and verification are the go-to for programmatic display. However, due to the technical complexities of Pubfinity’s environments, many available measurement solutions were unable to properly validate the quality inventory Pubfinity was offering.

To allow advertisers to bid on this new source of ad inventory with confidence, Pubfinity searched for a solution that would filter out invalid traffic, enhance reporting capabilities, and verify its inventory. 

I was very impressed by the technical capabilities of Oracle Moat and the folks who helped us implement it. They understood the value in what we were trying to do and knew how to execute it, which was amazing.

Andre SevignyChief Revenue Officer, Pubfinity

Why Pubfinity chose Oracle

Looking to confidently measure the viewability of its ad inventory, Pubfinity selected Oracle Moat Analytics, part of the Oracle Advertising suite. It was the only solution with measurement tools that were previously integrated with the discontinued Microsoft Ad Monetization Platform, making it the logical choice in this unique space.

Pubfinity already had experience with Oracle Moat, so it had confidence in its verification abilities. Also, Oracle Moat’s reputation as a well-respected solution in the industry made it an easy choice. To back up its claim of providing premium inventory, Pubfinity found that Moat aligned best with its goals.  

Moreover, Pubfinity chose Oracle Advertising because its video measurement support fortified the company’s new cross-platform gaming and video offering, which ultimately allowed Pubfinity to attract and onboard many new and well-known game publishers into the company’s network. 

Coupled with high viewability rates and low invalid traffic rates, Pubfinity has continued to increase demand for its unique in-app inventory.


After implementing Oracle Moat Analytics, Pubfinity was able to measure the performance of multiple metrics, such as attention quality and in-view time. Being able to instantly dive into these metrics in real time helped Pubfinity maintain premium ad inventory and instill confidence among customers. 

To give publishers more ways to monetize their applications, Pubfinity used Oracle Moat Analytics to include video ads in its advertising portfolio. Coupled with high viewability rates and low invald traffic rates, Pubfinity has continued to increase demand for its unique inventory and evolve its business model.  

Over a three-month period, Pubfinity and its advertisers analyzed campaign results for over 450 million in-app ad impressions. The company achieved a viewability rate of over 90% on its video ads, almost 40% higher than industry benchmarks. Using Moat to filter out invalid traffic, Pubfinity also saw its invalid traffic rates perform much better than industry benchmarks for display and video ads—71% lower and 42% lower, respectively. 

Thanks to Oracle Moat, Pubfinity was able to run programmatic ads across Windows desktop and Xbox app environments and properly validate its inventory. As a result, the company increased trust among its partners by providing high-performance outcomes. This trust, instilled by Oracle Moat, has been key to helping Pubfinity grow from a young startup to a respected platform in the industry, helping publishers and developers maximize their ad revenue. 

Published:July 8, 2022

About the customer

Founded in 2019, Pubfinity delivers more than 3 billion ads each month, helping game publishers monetize their properties through targeted programmatic display, video, and native advertising.