Quad takes its marketing on the offense with Oracle

The leading marketing experience partner trusts Oracle to build out its marketing capabilities and unlock new potential for the future of the company.


The power of Oracle enables us to be proactive with our marketing, drive innovation, and evolve for the future.

Scott MardenExecutive Director, Product Marketing, Quad

Business challenges

Founded in 1971, Quad is a fully integrated marketing experience company. It provides best-in-class marketing products to a range of clients, combining its robust heritage in the printing industry with expertise in media, first-party data and analytics, in-store packaging, and more.

For years, Quad’s marketing business operated primarily as a sales support function to secure new business. As marketing evolved and digital channels began to grow, clients needed a partner to help them solve the problem of combining offline and online marketing strategies and creating synergy between the two. Quad noticed this heightened demand and expanded its marketing team so that it could not only provide the combined services of a multichannel marketing strategy, but also market those services and modernize brand perception.

With the team in place, Quad still required the technology stack to provide all these new integrated services. The company had a reputation as a world-class printer, and the goal was to be seen as a world-class marketing partner that can also produce the content brands need. While others create or consult, Quad does both. It sought technology to efficiently scale up its marketing organization and expand its new offerings.

We chose Oracle Marketing for its sophistication, data security, and sheer reliability.

Scott MardenExecutive Director, Product Marketing, Quad

Why Quad chose Oracle

Quad used Salesforce for sales data and basic email campaigns, but the company wanted to add more advanced capabilities to its marketing efforts. After assessing several major vendors, the company selected Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation, Oracle Content Management, and Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence for the strength of the combined marketing stack.

With huge volumes of client data and the fact that the company touches almost every household in the United States through print, scalability and security were vitally important. Quad determined that Oracle shared the same sentiment when it came to managing data.

The unrivaled power of Oracle Eloqua stood out to Quad with its AI capabilities, campaign mapping, and powerful integration with Salesforce. Oracle Content Management would provide the new creative team with the foundation to revamp the company’s website to better explain new offerings and the differentiators that it brings to market. Selecting Oracle Infinity would enable the company to better understand customer behaviors and cater to client demands based on their industries and goals.


After implementing the Oracle Marketing stack, Quad reimagined its marketing strategy. The company launched built-out, account-based campaigns with automated emails at scale. Using Oracle’s automation to manage several campaigns simultaneously was a big leap forward for the small but innovative team. The company also built a pipeline for sales, transitioning leads to marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads. This tightly integrated process didn’t exist before, and the added insight was invaluable.

Oracle allowed Quad to strengthen the relationship between sales and marketing, to increase sales, accurately forecast future sales, and improve process efficiencies. The confidence and trust that Oracle brought to the table helped set the foundation for future growth.

For Quad’s new website, Oracle Content Management gave the company’s creative team the tools to build modules and swap content in and out as necessary. This new site was designed to improve the user experience and help customers understand the breadth and power of the company’s end-to-end services. With the added potential of Oracle Infinity, Quad better understood customer behaviors and interactions within the site and with the overall brand. This knowledge prepared the company to further cater to clients’ unique needs, whether they’re a retail company, a financial institution, or any other business seeking help with their marketing practices.

The marketing team at Quad was also impressed with capabilities such as campaign mapping and lead scoring. Oracle empowered the teams to collaborate on innovation and provide the superior marketing experience that clients and potential clients expect.

To future-proof, Quad plans to assess additional Oracle products that can bring even more value to the company’s ongoing evolution and growth.


Quad tapped Oracle Marketing Consulting for help with implementing the capabilities of its marketing stack. The Oracle experts created a strong partnership and provided unrivaled support to help the company reach its goals.

Published:March 20, 2023

About the customer

Headquartered in Wisconsin, Quad is a global marketing experience company that gives brands a streamlined, impactful, and frictionless way to go to market and reach customers. The company offers clients an end-to-end marketing experience in a single source, so they can focus on delivering their customers the best overall customer experience.