Qualetics sees better performance and 40% lower TCO by migrating from AWS to OCI

Shifting to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables startup provider of AI-powered analytics solutions to scale to internal and customer demands.


As soon as we started working with Oracle Support, we experienced a high degree of collaboration because they understood the startup mentality. As a startup, we now have access to Oracle’s vast resources. Our systems and processes have become so much more efficient that we are already experiencing 40% lower TCO.

Sumanth VakadaCEO and Founder, Qualetics Data Machines

Business challenges

Qualetics Data Machines offers an AI-powered analytics platform that uses proprietary descriptive and complex algorithms. Customers deploy this off-the-shelf cloud solution strategically without the need to build sophisticated internal data analysis environments. For a system that serves AI in real time and for several use cases with millions of continuously streaming data points, performance and efficiency was a crucial factor for success.

The company’s founders initially staked their business on AWS but, over time, became increasingly frustrated by “pay-to-play” roadblocks. They invested too heavily to get questions answered, problems solved, and reach the desired level of performance both internally and for customers. It became a constant worry that threatened the business.

From a business perspective, Qualetics’ transition from AWS to OCI was transparent to our customers. When we engage with existing and potential customers, we can say ‘Yes’ to their requests with a lot more confidence because, as their businesses scale up, we can support them with a consistent cost and performance structure.

Mike FowlerCofounder and Chief Commercial Officer, Qualetics Data Machines

Why Qualetics Data Machines chose Oracle

Qualetics’ data intelligence platform was designed to not depend on any single cloud service. Therefore, the selection process for a new cloud provider was focused on the quality of support, the effort required during the migration, and the steepness of the learning curve for the technical team. Additionally, the company wanted assurances that the change would not negatively impact the customer experience or ongoing complex sales cycles.

The company’s leaders evaluated cloud services offered by IBM and Google before focusing on Oracle. Throughout the evaluation process, the Qualetics team was impressed by the Oracle support team’s startup-friendly mentality. Ultimately, that contributed to the decision to choose Oracle, along with the consensus that moving from AWS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) would represent a shorter learning curve and be less disruptive to the business.

On OCI, the performance of a dual-core processor matches what Qualetics experienced with a quad-core processor on AWS.


During the onboarding process, Qualetics staffers had access to Oracle’s technical support resources at a level they had never experienced with previous providers, including AWS. They approached the migration, which began in April of 2022, by addressing the most complex aspects of the process first.

During the entire migration process, OCI ran in parallel with AWS and, when the migration was completed, the cutover occurred without incident. The Qualetics technical team is already realizing the benefits of OCI’s compartments capabilities. With previous cloud platforms, a huge effort was required to spin up new instances and set up the solution in a new environment for each customer. With OCI, new instances can be created with minimal effort by replicating existing compartments and tailoring them to each customer’s unique regional and business requirements. The company’s products help enforce data privacy, security, and physical isolation of data between instances.

With OCI, performance of a dual-core processor matches what was previously attained with a quad-core processor on AWS. This contributes to management’s estimate that overall TCO is about 40% less compared to the previous platform. And, of equal importance, the lift and shift from AWS to OCI was transparent to Qualetics’ customers and prospects, with zero downtime and no disruption in operational or business development activities.

Moving forward, the technical team will consider Oracle Autonomous Database because it supports unstructured, structured, and relational data. These capabilities may enhance the company’s ability to deliver analytics insights to its customers in an even more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Published:November 7, 2022

About the customer

Qualetics Data Machines offers a unique API-enabled AI management system that uses a proprietary platform to serve descriptive, diagnostic, and complex predictive algorithms in an off-the-shelf cloud solution. Customers can use the product to easily deploy intelligent software solutions enabled by AI.