RCD Espanyol goes global with Oracle ERP Cloud

RCD Espanyol implements Cloud ERP to improve financial reporting speed, accuracy, and capabilities.

RCD Espanyol is a Spanish football club founded in 1900, competing in the Spanish First Division. Throughout RCD Espanyol’s long history it has participated in other sports, but today focuses solely on football. The club is currently experiencing a rebirth after being acquired by Rastar Group, a Chinese company that is propelling the club competitively, socially, and financially. RCD Espanyol, a Barcelona-based club with a strong and loyal fan base, is recognized across the Spanish First Division and is in the process of going global and establishing itself as a reference in the world of football.


We chose Oracle Financials Cloud because it meets the needs for our ambitious strategy to globalize our brand. It enables us to control data centrally and access it remotely, and its flexibility and automation features have boosted productivity by more than 20% while reducing errors by over 25%.

— Joan FitóFinancial Director, RCD Espanyol

Business challenges

Replace a local, outdated, and limited accounting software with a modern, enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud system  to improve data quality while streamlining and automating financial processes following the club’s acquisition by a Chinese investor

Gain visibility and access to the club’s financial information in the cloud from anywhere in the world to enable financial staff and foreign investors to track operations and financials

Gain flexibility and speed in reporting, enabling the club and its investors to report on football, operations, and branding income and expenses faster and more in-depth

We selected Oracle Financials Cloud because it is a powerful, flexible, cost-effective cloud solution that is fast to implement.

— Joan FitóFinancial Director, RCD Espanyol


Implemented Oracle Financials Cloud, enabling the club and its investors to access financial data in real time from anywhere

Unified all financial data and automated reports and analytics, reducing reporting time by 50% and gaining the ability to analyze financials at the most granular, transactional level or at the high-level, corporate level

Reduced payment processing times by 80% by digitizing more than 4,000 paper invoices a year and automating payments and accounting

Reduced errors in reporting, expenses, and invoicing by more than 25% and improved billing cycle time by 100% by automating redundant manual processes

Eliminated IT management of the previous accounting software by moving to Oracle Financials Cloud, allowing the club to focus on winning football matches and building its global brand while Oracle manages the application’s maintenance

Published:January 1, 2018