REACH cuts IT overhead by 30% with Oracle Autonomous Database and APEX

The marketing firm migrates to Oracle APEX to cut costs, gain more control of application environments, and reduce database administrator activities.


By migrating our core business systems to Oracle Autonomous Database, we have eliminated dependency on a third-party service provider, taken control in-house, and reduced operational costs by 30%.

Alexey NovikovHead of Software Development, REACH

Business challenges

REACH, a fully owned business of the IVE Group, Australia, is focused on creating a world where marketeers and business owners make smarter and better justified decisions with their marketing investment. The company uses data science to help businesses leverage local behavioral data analytics to drive this vision. REACH is particularly passionate about supporting the SME segment in New Zealand.

In business more than 20 years, REACH was using Oracle Forms to develop and run a core business application that managed a range of internal business processes and financial operations. But managing data and interactions via Oracle Forms had limitations, so the team was looking for alternatives with greater capabilities. As an added complication, REACH depended on a third-party vendor to manage what was a technically complex environment. The in-house software team of REACH had very little control over the production environment, leading to added administrative costs for systems upgrades and monitoring. REACH needed to move to a new IT environment that provided greater scalability, more in-house control, faster turnaround on new initiatives, and enterprise grade security.

The Oracle Cloud Lift Services team made sure the we had a smooth migration and go live. The team also conducted multiple workshops to enable us to successfully run our workloads on OCI. This is a great foundation for us to run other workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Alexey NovikovHead of Software Development, REACH

Why REACH New Zealand Limited chose Oracle

REACH decided to migrate 100GB of data to Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle APEX because it would enable the company to reduce operating costs, cut spending and overhead for external IT resources, and gain more control of application environments. The company also had an existing relationship with Oracle as a user of Oracle Forms.


REACH has reduced IT operating costs by 30% by migrating to Oracle APEX, using Oracle Autonomous Database for transaction processing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

REACH can now more quickly and cost-effectively develop and deploy applications. This has also opened up new avenues for integration with other Oracle Cloud products. The company also no longer needs constant OS-level monitoring and patching and has reduced database administrator activities to negligible levels.

The Oracle Cloud Lift Services team worked with the REACH team to assist in migrating their database and applications to OCI in just two weeks. The Lift Services team also helped REACH set up an OCI tenancy, all the virtual networking, Autonomous Database for transaction processing, and Oracle APEX.

Published:April 19, 2022