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Oracle Customer Success—Red Samurai Consulting

Red Samurai Consulting

Red Samurai Boosts Applications Development 100% with Oracle PaaS


Oracle Java Cloud Service gives us huge gains in development and deployment. It offers everything we need to develop scalable enterprise applications and deliver customer satisfaction. For a fixed fee, with no admin costs, and no need for configuration, we have the best development platform available.

— Andrejus Baranovskis, CEO, Red Samurai Consulting

Red Samurai Consulting Accelerates Application Development Time by 100% with Oracle, Boosting Profit by 20%

Red Samurai Consulting focuses on the development of enterprise applications using the Oracle Java Cloud Service platform and specializing in Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit as a tool to build cloud-friendly applications. Its primary goal is to help customers benefit from the Oracle Cloud by providing technical, hands-on consulting and training, offering services for architecture development, technical issue resolution, audit, and project implementation.

Among recent projects, Red Samurai used Oracle Java Cloud Service, Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit, and Oracle Application Development Framework to develop an application with invoice processing, warehouse stock, and production line management functionality for a start-up that produces and distributes candy.

Business Challenge
  • Generate increased IT services revenue by moving application development, deployment, and management to the cloud in order to build, sell, and promote business-enhancing cloud applications for customers
  • Gain competitive advantage in the cloud marketplace by equipping developers with cutting edge expertise in platform-as-a-service technology
  • Increase applications development speed and efficiency through centralizing source code in the cloud and reducing overhead by dispensing with infrastructure and administration costs
  • Differentiate in the IT consulting marketplace by providing better service to customers through reducing time to implementation
  • Boosted revenue 20% by streamlining the entire application development lifecycle on Oracle Java Cloud Service, fine-tuning developers’ skills and securing new customers for enterprise Java applications in industries such as travel, healthcare, and consumer goods, and showcasing them to prospects for further revenue generation
  • Gained the ability to develop applications twice as fast with Oracle Developer Cloud Service and its associated collaborative tools for centralizing code and resources and deploying completed applications to Oracle Java Cloud Service
  • Achieved a staggering improvement in infrastructure patching and maintenance time, with automatic patching completed in 30 minutes versus 1 day manually before Oracle Java Cloud Service
  • Gained the ability to realize an initial deployment in 2 hours and a new version of the application in only 10 minutes, while it took weeks to prepare a production environment on the legacy platform
  • Differentiated the company’s professional services offering by adopting the high performance and integration capabilities of Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit as the primary development platform for cloud-friendly applications and allowing customers to co-develop using Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  • Accelerated customer value by slashing applications-implementation time from weeks to hours thanks to the removal of traditional roadblocks to fast roll-out such as license and infrastructure procurement, installation, and configuration
  • Improved efficiency, speed, and agility by adopting Oracle Developer Cloud Service as the software development environment for organizing and tracking key information about all development teams and their projects, including issue tracking, code versioning, wiki, development tools, continuous integration, and delivery automation


We considered alternatives such as Amazon and Azure but since we are already experts in Oracle technology there was no sense in using anything but Oracle Platform as a Service. It gives us all the servers and databases we require—making us twice as productive now.

— Andrejus Baranovskis, CEO, Red Samurai Consulting

About Red Samurai Consulting


Vilnius, Lithuania



Annual Revenue

Under US$100 million

Red Samurai Consulting, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, is a small company specializing in providing expert services for Oracle Middleware and Oracle Cloud technologies. It uses Oracle Java Cloud Service for enterprise applications development and in 2017 won an Oracle award for Outstanding Java Cloud Service Contribution 2017.

Published:  Jun 14, 2017