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Retail Services

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Retail Services increases profit with Oracle Food and Beverage


Retail Services increases revenue in Brazil by over 20%, reduces food cost, and prepares for expansion with Oracle.

Founded in 2006, Retail Services runs 24 restaurants, delis and other locations selling food and beverages in airports, operating 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Headquartered in Lima, Peru, the company has 11 stores in Brazil located in São Paulo (Guarulhos and Congonhas airports) and Rio de Janeiro (Galeao Airport).

With the business continuing to expand in Brazil, Retail Services realized it needed better tools to improve inventory management and cost control in all locations, aiming to optimize workflows, gain efficiency, and sharpen its competitive edge. The company sought a point-of-sale (POS) and back-office inventory management solution to ensure optimal performance as the volume of transactions increases, supporting its growth in Latin America.

Business challenges

  • Improve inventory management and cost control within Retail Services’ 11 locations in Brazil
  • Ensure seamless transaction processing with increasing volume in Brazil—around 160,000 transactions per month at the time
  • Enhance data security and the system’s reliability 
  • Set up a system that could be implemented in Peru and support the company’s expansion plans throughout Latin America

Controlling food cost is key to increasing efficiency and profitability in our segment, and each penny means a lot! With Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud, we gained a fast and reliable platform, boosted control of costs, and increased profits by 3%. Plus, now I can access accurate inventory data from my cell phone at any time.

Marcel Rodriguez Weber

CEO, Retail Services


Centralized food cost control and inventory management operations across Retail Services’ 11 stores in Brazil on a single platform, Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud, while standardizing procedures, enhancing the company’s transaction processing performance, and improving business management

Reduced food cost by 0.5 percentage points and increased the company’s gross revenue by over 20% as Oracle Hospitality Inventory Management Cloud Service registers all food preparation details—such as ingredients used on to-go sandwiches and restaurant dishes—while boosting control over menus and recipes and raising profit margins

Cut inventory time by 30% by replacing error-prone, manual spreadsheets with an automated, reliable POS platform, while speeding up stock orders and increasing the company’s efficiency

Ensured managers are able to access accurate, real-time inventory data, as well as comprehensive, easy-to-read reports, at any time from their mobile devices while having full visibility of all Retail Services’ stores in Brazil and gaining more confidence to make assertive decisions

Gained a robust, scalable platform that meets Brazilian tax authority requirements and supports Retail Services’ expansion plans to other countries

Increased data security since Oracle Cloud performs constant platform updates, ensuring that Retail Services is attuned with the best market practices

Allowed the company to offer its customers, in the near future, mobile services—such as online ordering and purchasing—which will help reduce lines in front of its stores

The POS solution from Oracle Hospitality met specific requirements of tax authorities from different countries, which was crucial in our decision. Also, global leaders from various segments use Oracle Hospitality, including our competitors, and we always look into adopting the best business practices.

Marcel Rodriguez Weber

CEO, Retail Services