Richard Crookes Constructions

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Richard Crookes cut variation review and resolution time in half


The owners of Richard Crookes Constructions hired an external expert to drive their digital transformation. BIM is a key area of focus for them with a goal of 95% BIM adoption over the next 5 years.


Business challenges

  • Providing technology solutions to meet the various stages of clients and project teams
  • Optimizing the benefits of BIM across the project team and phases
  • Providing data for optimal use throughout operations and maintenance
  • Educating internal and external team members on the use of digitization including BIM, to optimize project benefits

Access to the model across the project team is a huge change. There is huge value.

Tyrone Padayachee

Digital Design Manager, Richard Crookes Constructions


  • Flexible system configurable to client and project needs
  • Connected BIM providing access to models without the need for special authoring or even viewing software
  • Involvement and planning, using a project-wide platform from the very beginning of conceptual design
  • There have been about 5% fewer RFIs and 3-5% fewer variations by using Aconex Connected BIM to bring the wider team, including the client into the model review cycles
  • Variation review and resolution is about 50% faster due to the clear record of decisions and access to documentation
  • The number of claims has been reduced an estimated 3-5% and the time spent on claim management has been reduced since it is fast and easy to access the full project history
  • Aconex as a common data environment and tool for managing models, brings issues to the forefront early for fast resolution

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