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RNP Honduras creates citizen registry in Oracle Cloud


RNP Honduras built a cloud native citizen registry on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, helping protect citizen data and inform policy decisions.

Business challenges

Registro Nacional de las Personas (RNP) is a government agency in Honduras that issues, tracks, and authenticates birth and death certificates, marriage and drivers’ licenses, citizenship documents, and census records for the country’s 10 million residents.

The 23-year-old software system that the agency used to manage the country’s millions of citizen records lacked essential integration capabilities and security features, making it difficult for RNP’s staff to protect sensitive data, prevent identity theft and voter fraud, and help national officials make more effective policy decisions for Honduran citizens.

Our agency is built on trust, and the Oracle Cloud gives us the assurance of very high availability, security, and performance.

Rolando Kattan

Chairman Commissioner, Registro Nacional de las Personas (RNP)

Why RNP Honduras Chose Oracle

When RNP retired its legacy citizen information management system in early 2019, it turned to Oracle to help build a new, cloud-native Honduran civil registry platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Because RNP was already storing its citizen data in an Oracle Database, RNP leadership felt that moving that to the cloud from a different provider meant it would have to manage two vendors and two levels of risk.

RNP also cites “Oracle’s superior security capabilities” in its choice of Oracle Cloud Infrastructue. The RNP team valued Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall’s database activity monitoring capabilities, as well as OCI’s multiple compliance certifications including ISO 27001, 9001, and 24789. RNP now can not only mask and encrypt the country’s citizen information, it also authenticates citizen records using geolocation data, iris scans, fingerprints, and other biometrics that are stored and managed in Oracle Cloud.


Since launching its citizen registry platform on OCI in 2019, RNP has enrolled some 5.5 million Honduran adults, providing them with a single digital record that they can use to access public services. Today, the agency is registering some 75,000 citizens daily for this new program.

Attaching QR codes, electronic signatures, fingerprints, and geolocation data onto each citizen’s digital documents, and storing the documents in an Oracle Database, lets RNP help the country’s homeland security agents do a better job of preventing identity theft, document counterfeiting, and human trafficking.

Merging its citizen identification system and its civil registry database into a single Oracle Database that runs on OCI, RNP is also making it easier for citizens to register for identity cards, authenticate their identity documents, eliminate duplication and misspellings, and prevent identity and voter fraud.

Federal and state institutions can also access RNP’s cloud-native National Identification system (NIS), giving their staff immediate insights into the infrastructure and civil service needs of Honduran residents. The Ministry of Education, for example, can see how many births are taking place in a given year, where those births are concentrated across the country, and then determine where and how many elementary schools need to be built within the next five years, as those children approach kindergarten age.

When you have a national security administration managed by different political forces that are responsible for upholding our country’s democracy, data security is paramount. We found Oracle to be the most secure database, and the most secure cloud.

Rolando Kattan

Chairman Commissioner, Registro Nacional de las Personas (RNP)