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Saffiro Informática

Oracle Customer Success

Saffiro Informática expands business using Oracle


The IT solution provider uses Oracle Enterprise Manager to support its own proprietary ERP, which has helped it increase its business in Bolivia.

Business challenges

Located in La Paz, Bolivia, Saffiro Informática develops computer solutions to help companies optimize resource management. In 2000, it made the decision to buy its core business source code, called Saffiro, the company’s namesake. Since 2018, Saffiro Informática began working as an independent company.

Its software for business management, both for commercial and administrative purposes, lets users manage their companies’ human capital, accounting, financial operations, and sales through a payment gateway that allows for collection, billing, and business management monitoring. For example, Kantutani Group uses Saffiro software for its eight companies, which have more than 45,000 customers who interact with the technology.

Saffiro Informática recognized that it needed a database that was sustainable and secure to protect its users’ information. Also, it required 24/7 availability. This led the company to select Oracle Enterprise Manager, which provides market-leading automation and management support for Oracle applications, databases, middleware, hardware, and engineered systems.

Oracle is a strategic partner that will become a bigger ally as we learn how to leverage all the competitive advantages it provides as a partner. The relationship between Saffiro Informatica and Oracle is a very stable marriage.

Raul Henry Monroy Silva

National IT Systems Manager, Saffiro Informática

Why Saffiro Informática Chose Oracle

The company found that making the most out of Oracle's solutions would empower it to grow and evolve. Oracle’s dedication to research and investing in innovation was another important element in Oracle’s favor.


The savings generated by Saffiro Informática for the Kantutani Group have been impressive. Purchasing a single ERP solution could cost up to $30,000, and the organization would have needed at least four of them. Maintaining the company’s proprietary software with Oracle Enterprise Manager eliminated the need for support and hardware rental, which amounted to about $24,000 in annual savings for the company. Most importantly, Oracle expanded Saffiro Informática’s business horizons, making it possible to offer the solution to more companies and generate more revenue.

In addition, the cost savings in operating licenses have been very significant. To provide licenses to Saffiro Informática’s more than 1,000 sales advisors, the cost could have totaled more than $1.3 million since the company’s founding in 2000.

With Oracle, you get yourself a collaborative partner that lets you see things in a much more comprehensive way. Throughout the process we have received very good support in getting our first national ERP running.

Raúl Henry Monroy Silva

National Systems Manager, Saffiro Informática