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Oracle Customer Success—Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Compresses Enterprise Resource Planning Data by 30%, Increases Production Efficiency, and Reduces Costs


By implementing Oracle Advanced Compression, Oracle Real Application Testing, and Oracle GoldenGate, we ensured a seamless database upgrade and data migration without disruption to our critical manufacturing operations. We have compressed our enterprise resource planning data by 30%, improved operating efficiency, boosted productivity, and expect to save more than US$2.6 million in total cost of ownership over five years.

— Soonku Park, Senior Manager, Information Strategy Group, Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, a subsidiary of Korea’s Samsung Group, is a leading global manufacturer of electronic components. Founded in 1973, the company specializes in producing high-frequency wireless materials and precision mechanics. It manufactures circuit boards, chip parts, camera modules, power modules, precision motors, and communication modules. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is continuously expanding its business portfolio through quality enhancement, technological advancement, and next-generation product development. The company’s global reach includes production plants, research and development centers, distributors, and main offices in China, Europe, India, Japan, Southeast Asia and the United States.
Business Challenge
  • Introduce an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to accommodate enterprise resource planning (ERP) data growth due to expanding global manufacturing operations
  • Upgrade the company’s Oracle Database and replace the legacy hardware for its SAP ERP system to improve system performance and increase work efficiency, such as generating reports for electronic components production, sales, and distribution
  • Minimize impact on electronics production and sales during database upgrade and ERP data migration to the new hardware platform
  • Supported data growth by implementing Oracle Advanced Compression as a database option for Oracle Database 11g and compressed ERP data by 30%, maximizing storage utilization and tracking to achieve projected savings of more than US$2.6 million in total cost of ownership over five years
  • Increased operating efficiency by reducing CPU usage rates by up to 30% and providing faster response times, including component inventory status and production scheduling, thanks to high-performing and reliable Oracle Advanced Compression
  • Improved IT productivity by using Oracle Real Application Testing to automate the time-consuming process of assessing the impact of data migration to the new hardware platform, providing technicians with detailed analysis reports to compare performance and errors due to the system change
  • Ensured smooth data migration by capturing the actual database workload before compression and replaying the exact same workload in the new production environment, enabling the company to easily and quickly validate system changes and minimize risk
  • Minimized disruption to electronic parts manufacturing operations during database upgrade and data migration by using Oracle GoldenGate to enable real-time data replication across multiple systems and eliminate system downtime

Why They Chose Oracle

Samsung Electro-Mechanics chose Oracle Advanced Compression over other data archiving solutions because the company could implement it as a database option without making changes to the applications and improve operational efficiency. The company also chose Oracle Real Application Testing and Oracle GoldenGate to ensure smooth data migration and minimize disruption to business operations.

Oracle Advanced Compression provided the simplicity and efficiency that we required to manage our exponential ERP data growth. We can now automate data compression, maximize our storage utilization, and reduce costs.

— Soonku Park, Senior Manager, Information Strategy Group, Samsung Electro-Mechanics


Samsung Electro-Mechanics conducted a proof of concept over one week. The test results indicated that Oracle Advanced Compression achieved a 30% compression rate, which would enable the company to reduce storage requirements and improve application response times.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics implemented Oracle Database options, including Oracle Advanced Compression and Oracle Real Application Testing, and Oracle GoldenGate for the ERP data migration project. It completed the migration in two months and is considering using Oracle Advanced Compression technology in other business areas, such as supply chain management and product lifecycle management.

About Samsung Electro-Mechanics


Suwon, Korea

Annual Revenue

Over $5 Billion
Published:  Apr 23, 2015