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Schibsted Media Group

Oracle Customer Success

Schibsted Media Group increases subscriber retention with Oracle Marketing Cloud


Schibsted Media Group boosts first renewals on subscriptions by 3%, digital consumption by 23%, and revenue by US$800,000 using Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Schibsted is an international company operating in 22 countries and is the largest subscription-based news and media group in Norway. With more than 24 news media brands in its portfolio, Schibsted Subscriptions has over 600.000 paying subscribers. In a high-turnover industry rapidly transitioning from paper to digital—which already serves nearly half of Schibsted’s subscribers—the company was looking to increase loyalty and retention by enhancing the customer experience and boosting engagement with digital media.

Business challenges

  • Increase first renewal rates for subscriptions across a variety of news media brands by enhancing onboarding transparency, segmentation, and communications—which were previously limited to a string of four generic, pre-defined follow-up emails
  • Drive loyalty and retention of hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a high-churn environment while nudging them to digitally consume their news
  • Enhance marketing and sales campaign effectiveness by building and utilizing complete customer profiles and journeys and delivering a personalized experience to all media subscribers
  • Boost engagement by providing individual subscribers with the news categories they want—such as local or international politics, culture, or sports news—when they want them and through their preferred channel
  • Improve churn analysis to support better targeting of high-risk customer segments throughout their journeys and across all touch points

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service enables us to focus on engagement, customer journeys, and the individual customer experience. We increased opening rates by 13%, clickthrough rates by 52%, and average revenue per user by 5% by leveraging complete subscriber profiles.

Tor Marius Espedal

Customer Experience Manager, Schibsted Media Group

Why They Chose Oracle

We selected Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation because of its comprehensiveness and integration and automation capabilities. The flexibility for us to build our own apps and develop the platform as needed is critical for our success in the fast-changing and highly data-driven media business.

— Tor Marius Espedal, Customer Experience Manager, Schibsted Media Group


  • Improved renewal rates, enhanced onboarding and win back, and boosted customer satisfaction by deploying Oracle Eloqua to integrate data from multiple sources, automate marketing processes, and deliver highly targeted content to their subscribers
  • Automated and tailored the onboarding customer experience to fit each subscriber’s product use and digital or analogue profile—increasing first renewal rates by 3%, earnings per new subscriber by 5%, and annual revenue by an estimated US$800,000
  • Raised subscribers’ digital usage by 23% overall by delivering more personalized communications and news content through the right channel at the right time
  • Increased average retention rate on major web and email-based sales campaigns by 13%, also achieving a peak of 73% retention from a single campaign sent out to 20,000 newly acquired subscribers
  • Boosted subscriptions and digital activity within Schibsted’s higher-risk customer segment by leveraging behavioral, customer relationship management (CRM), and third-party data to accurately predict churn and design the most effective retention programs and campaigns
  • Increased newsletter engagement by 121% and nearly doubled completion rates to 54% per article by introducing personalized digital newsletters using the collaborative filtering of Oracle Marketing—also increasing average digital activity from 1 to 4 days to 5 to 7 days per week for 24% of newsletter recipients
  • Enabled Schibsted to visualize and map different customer experiences and journeys, and build segments and automated trigger points to communicate more effectively during crucial stages of onboarding or win-back campaigns
  • Improved unique open and unique click rates by 13% and 52%, respectively, by creating automatic, individualized, and highly relevant experiences at each contact point throughout the entire onboarding process—in turn, leading to better engagement, increased digital use, higher renewal rates, and larger revenues
  • Built, analyzed and utilized complete customer profiles for subscribers by seamlessly integrating the group’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management, Professional Edition, data warehouse, and various in-house developed systems with Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
  • Enhanced retention and engagement by developing additional solutions within Oracle Eloqua, such as content app to personalize newsletters directly from publishing platform, channel decision data to choose automatically which channel should be used for each individual customer, and an app which enables Schibsted to communicate with customers directly in the digital news product itself
Published: September 2, 2019