Secure-24 improves performance with Oracle Engineered Systems

Secure-24 Ensures Rapid Application Deployment and Cuts Deployment Costs by 90% with Oracle Private Cloud Appliance.

Secure-24, an NTT Communications Company, has 17 years of experience delivering mission-critical application hosting, comprehensive managed IT, cloud, and security services to enterprises worldwide. To cut acquisition and deployment costs, Secure-24 deployed an infrastructure based on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, which enables Secure-24 to automate the provisioning and support of highly available cloud services.


In today’s highly competitive IT market, time to market is a key factor in winning deals, as well as being agile enough to move at the speed businesses want to move. Oracle Private Cloud Appliance enables us to be very agile and provide rapid responses to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs.

Sean DonaldsonCTO, Secure-24

Business challenges

  • Provide clients across various industries—from financial services to healthcare to manufacturing companies—with Oracle applications and other infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions to ensure seamless operations
  • Gain competitive advantage by reducing infrastructure and labor costs
  • Simplify support by consolidating systems, storage, networking, virtualization, and applications into a single environment
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for the company’s legacy environment of Cisco UCS, EMC VMAX with Cisco switching, along with VMware and Red Hat software and a proprietary orchestration layer built using VMware orchestrator, which is a Vblock-equivalent platform
  • Improve service levels through standardized, high-availability architecture and single-vendor support

Oracle provides us with an innovative converged infrastructure solution from a single vendor, enabling superior ease of purchase, product integration, simplified management, and a single point of contact for support, which provides a high degree of comfort for us, as well as our clients.

Sean DonaldsonCTO, Secure-24


  • Deployed two fully-loaded racks of Oracle Private Cloud Appliance running Oracle Linux in a private cloud using Oracle Enterprise Manager to quickly deliver IaaS and database as a service (DaaS) offerings to customers of all industries, enabling faster application deployment and simplifying database administration
  • Performed highly available disaster recovery for mission-critical Oracle applications running on two Oracle Private Cloud Appliances between two geographically dispersed data centers
  • Offered the flexibility and capability to host a multitude of different applications and software versions on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
  • Used Oracle Enterprise Manager for day-to-day management and monitoring of Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
  • Enabled the use of prebuilt Oracle VM templates and created unique ones for rapid deployment, which accelerated the deployment of these business-critical applications for its customers to hours rather than days or weeks
  • Deployed Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance to store database and application files, backup Oracle Database, and extend access to Secure-24’s legacy data center storage environment and assets
  • Provided a turnkey converged infrastructure solution that automates hardware and software deployment, allowing for superior ease-of-purchase, product integration, simplified management, and single point of contact for support
  • Used Oracle Trusted Partitions licensing on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance to enable Secure-24’s clients to utilize Oracle licensing in a more efficient manner
  • Leveraged a prebuilt, integrated system to enable IT staff to focus on delivering flexible services, addressing strategic needs, and responding to evolving needs rather than investing considerable time to plan and manually configure hardware infrastructure from scratch
  • Provided Secure-24’s  clients with a greater degree of comfort by using two instances of secure, multi-tenant, highly available Oracle Private Cloud Appliance for enterprise private cloud
Published:August 13, 2018