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Oracle Customer Success

Serpros sees 90% cost reduction after migrating to Oracle


The Brazilian pension foundation migrated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in just one week, and without any interruption in its activities.

Business challenges

Serpros is responsible for managing the social security plans of about 14,000 employees of SERPRO, Brazil’s federal data processing service.

“With our plans for pension savings, we’re committed to ensuring that participants have a retirement supplement that helps them get closer to the salary level they had before retiring,” says Ana Costi, president of Serpros.

Based in Rio de Janeiro, the company decided that it needed to create a technology development policy so that it could become a fully digital organization. Although the main objective was to provide greater mobility and ease of access to both users and employees, reducing server costs proved to be a key reason for the decision.

We consulted several suppliers. We tested areas such as response time and data volume. We chose Oracle because, in terms of performance, it was almost twice the speed of others.

Flávio Fernandes de Oliveira

IT Manager, Serpros

Why Serpros Chose Oracle

Serpros concluded that it needed to take all of its systems to the cloud, which until then had been divided among 2 physical servers and more than 20 virtual ones.

The company consulted several cloud vendors, including Oracle. After numerous performance tests for response time and data volume, Oracle stood out for its speed, which was about double that of competitors. “Even we were startled by the difference,” says Flávio Fernandes de Oliveira, IT manager at Serpros.

Migrating the company’s servers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) took only one week, and Serpros experienced no interruption to its business.


After migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Serpros saw a 90% reduction in operating costs, compared to the investments that would’ve been required to upgrade servers. “So today my expenditure is only 10% of what I would’ve spent if I had bought and installed the servers,” says Fernandes de Oliveira.

At the same time, Serpros succeeded in its goal of becoming a fully digital organization. With OCI, the organization’s entire decision-making process is digital and fully accessible through multiple devices, including laptops and mobile phones.

When the pandemic hit, all Serpros systems were in the cloud. That allowed all employees—based in main offices in both Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia—to work remotely.

“When we went into social isolation, we encountered no difficulty in continuing our operations because we were already executing our entire operation in the cloud,” says Ana Costi, president of Serpros.

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We are going through a moment of crisis with total peace of mind because the institution’s processes simply keep moving on normally on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The entity’s entire decision-making process takes place in the cloud, quickly and safely.

Ana Costi

President, Serpros