Siam Commercial Bank improves data management with Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer

Thai bank speeds up data processing and improves application performance using Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer.


Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer is a high-performance, fully managed database cloud service, deployed in our data center, that enables our bank to consolidate all databases running business-critical applications, driving adaptability and risk mitigation.

Panida KaltivanichIT Director, Siam Commercial Bank

Business challenges

Established by royal charter as the first Thai bank, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) has been operating commercially for more than a century. Since its inception, it has played a leading role in providing financial services in Thailand and is a universal bank that has built a reputation for customer centricity.

The critical challenge facing the bank was finding a solution to its legacy approach toward data management, which resulted in slow data processing and an inability to process large data streams.

Additionally, the legacy analytics system was slow and inefficient and limited the bank’s march toward innovation. It was unable to provide timely, accurate, data-driven insights demanded by senior management for accelerated decision-making.

SCB realized that it needed to modernize its database infrastructure, build capacity, and speed up data processing.

Why Siam Commercial Bank chose Oracle

As a longtime Oracle customer, SCB was quick to recognize the value that Oracle technology can deliver—and has delivered over the years—to the bank. It was therefore an easy decision to choose Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer to move critical Oracle databases to the cloud.

More importantly, SCB had no doubt it could trust Oracle with its database, considering Oracle is an innovator in this space and the solid reputation the company brings to the table.

The bank was also impressed by the key differentiators that this Oracle solution delivers, including: database cloud simplicity, data sovereignty, automated management, extreme performance, stronger security, and lower total cost of ownership.

And this rich feature set is available in a cost-effective package. For the bank, there was no doubt that Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer would help empower its digital journey.


The bank consolidated Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications databases running on different platforms, including Sparc Solaris and Intel/Linux onto Exadata Cloud@Customer.

The migration of business-critical workloads to Exadata Cloud@Customer has sped up Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications batch processing by 5.5X—slashing the time required from 9 hours to a mere 1.5 hours. This has gone a long way in improving the efficiency of database management. Additionally, the bank is now able to provide on-demand, timely, accurate, and data-driven insights to senior management for accelerated decision-making.

The bank’s applications demand a real-time response to customer needs. Moving databases to Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer has improved the efficacy of SCB’s applications, including Payment Hub, SCB Easy, SCB Mobile Banking, OFSAA, and Digital Service. In addition, SCB aims to achieve faster time to market for new products and services with this move.


MFEC worked with the Commercial Bank of Siam to deliver the project on time and on budget.

Published:May 23, 2022