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Sicagen India Ltd.

Oracle Customer Success

Sicagen India Halves IT Operating Costs and Supports Expansion with Oracle


Sicagen India Lowers Data Center Operating Costs by 50%, Shortens Sales Cycle Time, and Ensures Data Security with Oracle PaaS and Oracle IaaS.

Sicagen India Limited, including its subsidiary, Wilson Cables Private Limited, Singapore (Sicagen), is a global conglomerate company and is part of AM International, with operations in six countries. Sicagen’s core business is trading building materials’ products, such as steel pipes, cables, and cement. It also offers a diverse range of services, including power and control systems, industrial packaging, specialty chemicals, and boat building, all which are across different customer segments.

Sicagen previously managed its enterprise resource planning (ERP) processes with spreadsheets and a legacy FoxPro-based accounting system. There was no integration between divisions, causing confusion and complexity to users. The flooding in Chennai motivated Sicagen to enhance data security and minimize downtime by moving to cloud infrastructure and adopting a robust ERP system to support its growth strategy.

Business challenges

Ensure the availability of critical business data, such as inventory for steel pipes, by moving the infrastructure to cloud and preventing system downtime and data loss due to natural disasters, such as flooding and cyclones 

Improve business efficiency by quickly consolidating financial data from over 30 branches in India and the subsidiary company in Singapore with a single ERP system and producing faster analytical reports, such as sales performance for steel products

Support future growth, such as expanding cable business to Southeast Asia, by gaining a high-performance and reliable infrastructure to easily scale the manufacturing business based on demand

By adopting Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Platform as a Service and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service, we can rapidly consolidate financial data from over 30 locations and ensure data availability. The integrated platform also cut our infrastructure costs by 50% and supports future acquisition.

Sunil Deshmukh

CEO, Infrastructure Vertical, AM International Private Limited, and Director, Sicagen India Limited and Wilson Cables Private Limited

Why Sicagen India Ltd. Chose Oracle

“We were already using Oracle E-Business Suite, so it made sense to move to Oracle Platform as a Service and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service. Compared to other competitors, such as Amazon and IBM, the Oracle team is far more knowledgeable, giving us the confidence to partner with them.”
Sunil Deshmukh, CEO, Infrastructure Vertical, AM International Private Limited, and Director, Sicagen India Limited and Wilson Cables Private Limited


After evaluating various vendors, Sicagen’s internal team worked with Oracle and migrated to Oracle PaaS (Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service) and Oracle IaaS (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic). Sicagen went live smoothly with the new cloud platform in less than 45 days.

“We were the first manufacturing company in South India to move to Oracle Cloud without any external support. The process was easy and quick to implement.” Deshmukh said. “The Oracle Cloud team was always available, accessible, and ready to solve every single issue and answer each question throughout the journey. Our buying experience was definitely positive.”

Lowered data center operating costs by 50% by migrating to Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and using Oracle expertise to maintain the infrastructure including server room, backup server, and disaster recovery server 

Increased operating efficiency for trading, manufacturing, and services businesses by running on-premise Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle IaaS, enabling the manufacturer to rapidly consolidate financial data from multiple locations and create real-time reports instead of the previous timeline of four weeks

Halved the headcount for the IT department and eliminated the need to hire an external agency to maintain legacy software by ensuring consistent performance and high availability of Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle IaaS

Cut sales cycle time—from placing an order to shipment—to just 3 days instead of 1 week by centralizing procurement processes with Oracle E-Business Suite and providing complete visibility of inventory status of products such as cables and steel pipes

Supported growth—achieved 26% growth for one division—after implementing Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud by gaining the flexibility to quickly move the ERP system of acquired companies, such as Wilson Cables in Singapore, to the same Oracle E-Business Suite platform in just 6 months

Enhanced business decisions by ensuring data security with Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service and allowing users to access critical data, such as inventory status for steel sheets, anytime, anywhere via dashboard or mobile applications

Enabled IT team to focus on quality and constructive tasks, such as developing a dashboard and CRM system, instead of fixing performance issues and data corruption 

Increased business agility by adopting a single vendor for applications, cloud platform, and cloud infrastructure, enabling the manufacturer to easily comply with changes in India’s regulatory reforms, such as introducing GST tax for all states

Published: February 26, 2018