SICE boosts licensing skills with help from Oracle Software Investment Advisory

Oracle Software Investment Advisory helps technology integration firm unlock the value of Oracle licenses to gain maximum value from its investments.


The support of Oracle Software Investment Advisory team allowed us to have better visibility into the licenses we currently have and a better understanding of the licensing rules and policies that Oracle applies to the products we are using. This gives SICE a better understanding of how to maximize our Oracle investment.

Rafael Exposito SarmientoToll and ITS Technical Director, Sociedad Industrial de Construcciones Eléctricas

Business challenges

Sociedad Industrial de Construcciones Eléctricas (SICE) was founded in 1921 to develop manufacturing patents and procedures in the energy sector. Today it is a multinational technology integration company operating in the fields of traffic and transport, environment and energy, telecommunications, and all types of industrial processes.

SICE acquired an Oracle unlimited license agreement (ULA) for Oracle Database and Oracle GoldenGate. However, the company lacked awareness of Oracle licensing policies and wanted  to ensure that it had the correct licensing structure in place to meet future technology needs. Oracle Software Investment Advisory worked with SICE to analyze product usage within the ULA and assist SICE in its renewal decision process.

Why SICE chose Oracle

The company selected Oracle SIA to address the doubts it was having about its existing software license entitlements and to understand if renewal of Oracle Database and GoldenGate would enable the company to meet its future technology needs. SICE also turned to Oracle SIA for financial analysis of its Oracle investments.


Oracle SIA conducted a complete analysis of different licensing scenarios for SICE and detailed the cost savings and licensing administration benefits the ULA would bring. Because SICE’s intended architecture would require additional licensing to meet updated payroll goals, SICE was confident that renewing the ULA would provide the robust technical performance the company demanded, while keeping costs in line. Additionally, SICE learned to properly certify non-renewable products in the ULA, thus mitigating the cost of using Oracle products that were not necessary.

With the new ULA in place, SICE exceeded the payroll KPI and achieved faster and more accurate information delivery times for its products. This improved the company’s customer service, ensured dealership next-day revenue, and aided revenue reconciliation, fraud control, and traceability. This solution operates 24/7 and ensures the validity of toll data, including the generation of balance updates across México in less than 3 minutes and the number of total crossings occurring throughout Mexico in less than 2 minutes. The solution also guarantees that user inquiries are addressed within 24 hours.

Published:July 27, 2023