Skanska gains companywide view of its Oracle investments

Oracle Software Investment Advisory helps Skanska optimize value from its Oracle products with a holistic view in one easy-to-use report.


We wanted to create a close relationship and work with Oracle as one company rather than many individual business units in different geographies. In one report, Oracle SIA was able to identify every agreement and what they are for across our entire company.

Conny BjörlingHead of Enterprise Architecture, Skanska Group

Business challenges

Longtime Oracle customer Skanska, a leading international construction company based in Sweden, has made significant financial investments in and reaped value from Oracle products and services over the past 30 years.

However, due to Skanska’s decentralized structure, the company’s Oracle investments were complex. Skanska turned to Oracle SIA for help to get the greatest value from those products across its ecosystem.

The report Oracle SIA developed for us gives us both the depth of information and the flexibility to get the data we need quickly to make the best business decisions, for a variety of circumstances. I can easily filter the report for specific information or view our agreements in aggregate.

Conny BjörlingHead of Enterprise Architecture, Skanska Group

Why Skanska Chose Oracle

Oracle SIA provides consultative services to Oracle customers to ensure that they understand the details of the agreements for the products and services they’ve purchased. This strategic view of a company’s Oracle assets helps it make better decisions about current and future Oracle investments. With one comprehensive report, Skanska helped its executives fully understand and optimize its Oracle agreements across the company.


Skanska can now get the greatest value from its Oracle investments by giving its decision-makers access to critical information through a holistic view. Users can filter and aggregate data to meet their query needs and gain crucial insights into factors such as cloud and on-premises assets, support and maintenance analyses, annual subscription costs, and more.

The information from Oracle SIA can help a company transition from small, local agreements to global agreements that allow for greater flexibility as the organization changes. Skanska is now able to balance its use of Oracle assets and services more easily across business units and geographies.

Published:March 3, 2021