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Oracle Customer Success—SPAR Österreich-Gruppe

SPAR Österreich-Gruppe

SPAR Österreich-Gruppe Increases Employee Efficiency with Background Single Sign-On, Ensures Onboarding of New Staff within Minutes


With Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite Plus, we have created a single source of truth for identity and access information. It enabled us to increase staff efficiency and ensure a better user experience through single sign-on, get new employees much faster on board, and automate the user lifecycle management for more than 60 applications.

— Bernhard Hübl, Teamleader Middleware, SPAR Österreich-Gruppe

SPAR Österreich-Gruppe, a 100% privately owned Austrian company founded in 1954, is one of Austria’s largest, most modern, and most innovative trading companies. The group’s core business in Austria and abroad (Northern Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, and Croatia) is the food retail business. With its subsidiary Hervis, SPAR has also been successful in the sports retail business for more than 40 years across seven countries. SPAR Österreich-Gruppe includes SES Spar European Shopping Centers, Austria’s biggest developer, builder, and manager of shopping centers in the country. With a workforce of 41,000 in Austria alone, SPAR is one of the largest employers in Austria and, with more than 2,700 interns, it is the country’s largest apprentice trainer. According to Nielsen, SPAR holds a market share of 30.1 % in Austria.
Business Challenge
  • Address authentication-related challenges—such as managing and revoking access rights throughout the user lifecycle and providing single identity across applications for each employee—to protect SPAR’s confidential information against misuse, as users move between roles or leave the diverse food retail organization
  • Replace multiple identity management tools and directories with a single source of identity and access information across the organization to optimize data access and credentials management and reduce IT costs
  • Automate the creation, modification, and termination of user privileges throughout the entire user lifecycle to accelerate employee onboarding and ensure that workers across all business units—from food and sports retail business to facility management—can be productive without interruption from hiring to end of contract
  • Gain visibility into who has access to what information within the organization—as well as whether they should have that access—to enable compliance with evolving regulatory requirements
  • Deployed Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite Plus to give employees a unique identity across SPAR applications, and credentials that can flow across lines of business—in case of a role change—ensuring that users have access only to the information they need
  • Created a single source of truth for identity and access information and made credentials easy to audit by importing more than 4,700 employee identities from obsolete repositories—such as ForgeRock OpenDJ—into Oracle Unified Directory via Oracle Directory Integration Platform
  • Increased employee efficiency by using consistent sign-on to authenticate users with applications when they log into their workstations using their normal Windows account, eliminating the need to manage user lifecycles for more than 60 applications manually
  • Enabled new staff to start performing their duties faster by leveraging Oracle Access Manager to provide them with rapid access to connected applications and quick familiarization—improving onboarding experience, maximizing employee engagement, and jumpstarting employee productivity
  • Ensured that corporate data is safeguarded from misuse by extending Oracle Access Manager to efficiently manage and revoke user credentials as employees change roles or leave the workforce
  • Integrated information from local human resources (HR) management systems with Oracle Application Adapters for SAP, creating an employee repository that HR analysts can access to obtain information about SPAR employees in any subsidiary or retail outlet
  • Protected employee and customer personal information against security threats by choosing Oracle Consulting as a trusted advisor to lead the implementation and provide best practices that prevent unauthorized access and maintain compliance with industry and regulatory standards
  • Engaged in replacing paper-based onboarding for new employees with Oracle Identity Manager’s policy-based automated provisioning of resources—reducing administrative overhead and user approval times significantly and eliminating manual errors


We conducted a market study to evaluate the available products and shortlisted two vendors with similar products in terms of functionality. We chose Oracle because we have significant Oracle technology in our landscape, we enjoy an excellent partnership with Oracle.

— Bernhard Hübl, Teamleader Middleware, SPAR Österreich-Gruppe


Phase one of the implementation lasted seven months and was targeted at SPAR Austria headquarters with more than 4,500 users. Oracle Consulting helped with project planning, implementation, as well as integration with existing Microsoft and SAP applications. SPAR plans to expand the roll-out to more 80,000 identities over the next years.

About SPAR Österreich-Gruppe


Salzburg, Austria



Annual Revenue

Over $5 Billion
Published:  Feb 23, 2015