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Oracle Customer Success — Swiss Post Solutions AG

Swiss Post Solutions AG

Swiss Post Solutions Integrates Sales, Marketing, and Social on Oracle Cloud


Oracle Cloud transformed the way we do business. We now operate an end-to-end, efficient, transparent, and fully-integrated solution, which encompasses marketing campaigns to qualified sales leads. As a result, we achieve on average six dollars of sales revenue for each dollar invested in marketing campaigns.

— David Dorling, Head Global Marketing, Swiss Post Solutions AG

Swiss Post Solutions Demonstrates Six-to-One Return on Marketing Investment with Integrated CRM, Marketing Automation, and Social Media Toolset

Swiss Post Solutions AG (SPS) connects the physical and the digital worlds. SPS is a leading outsourcing provider for business process solutions and innovative services in document management. A strong international client base relies on SPS’s ability to envision, design and build end-to-end solutions and to be its trusted advisor for the key value drivers in BPO: location strategy, process optimization, and technology, such as intelligent automation.

In 2010 SPS embarked on a journey to better support its core marketing functions— communicating effectively with the target market using state-of-the-art customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation tools, refreshing its web presence, and achieving integration throughout a marketing automation platform, website platform, and through social media. With a team of five people, SPS’s global marketing department is responsible for an organization across 6 countries that generates revenue of nearly $600 million per year.

  • Support a consistent and integrated sales and marketing approach for optimizing lead management by planning and executing activities collaboratively, not in silos—both within and across country borders
  • Improve win ratios, increase market share, and reduce sales cycles with a process-driven approach to customer communication, customer acquisition, customer retention, and to cross-sell and up-sell
  • Provide consistency in go-to-market initiatives by better coordinating activities, resources, and budgets while also eliminating duplication
  • Overcome lack of accountability and performance measurement by strengthening the organization’s ability to identify marketing investment opportunities, prioritize projects, and measure contribution
  • Integrate CRM, marketing automation, and website platforms with social media while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Aligned sales and marketing by standardizing business-to-business (B2B) go-to-market activities with Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Eloqua Marketing Basic Cloud Service, helping marketing teams optimize lead generation campaigns, increasing staff efficiency, and avoiding duplication of work
  • Demonstrated a 6 to 1 return of marketing investment—6 dollars of revenue for each dollar invested in marketing—as the integration between Oracle solutions gives visibility into the marketing tools and channels at the source of each won deal
  • Integrated Oracle Eloqua Marketing Basic Cloud Service with Oracle Sales Cloud to give sales representatives detailed information about communication activities that customers and prospects received from marketing, allowing timely and targeted follow-up
  • Increased sales productivity with Oracle Eloqua Marketing Basic Cloud Service’s capability of identifying leads based on demographic and behavioral criteria that have a higher probability of converting into opportunities—systematically nurturing and cultivating prospects, yielding more opportunities and higher conversion rates, while also minimizing sales staff dissatisfaction with poorly qualified leads
  • Shortened sales cycles by using marketing automation and a lead management program, accelerating the pace at which leads move along the sales cycle and providing information of value, independent of sales rep follow-up
  • Ensured highly-qualified leads and helped optimize marketing and sales resources by scoring leads based on the online visitor’s browsing behavior and inferred intent, in addition to the number of items downloaded by a visitor from the site, and the number of click-throughs
  • Optimized lead routing and gained the ability to tie revenue to a lead source by routing data from website forms that deliver leads in real time to sales teams and the CRM platform, facilitated by the integration between Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Marketing Cloud
  • Increased intelligence-driven campaign planning and execution to maximize response and conversion rates, deliver a better return from marketing campaigns, and achieve quantifiable marketing success
  • Gained the ability to launch marketing programs faster and more efficiently, as marketing teams are more agile and can react instantly to changing marketplace conditions and shifting communication strategies
  • Provided a central system for planning, developing, executing, and analyzing campaigns across channels with powerful segmentation capabilities, and gave marketing teams the tools to launch personalized campaigns based on the specific needs of a target audience
  • Reduced TCO by minimizing redundancy caused by manual campaign execution and giving the organization in-depth insight into campaign effectiveness, so that unsuccessful initiatives can be abandoned before they drain financial resources
  • Delivered integrated publishing and content creation across social channels, increased marketing message reach, and fueled demand generation with Oracle Social Cloud
  • Established marketing as a strategic corporate function by using Oracle Social Cloud to unify regional social accounts into single corporate streams and disseminate consistent brand design, messaging, and promotional content across global markets


Oracle offers the most powerful tools in terms of functionality, integration, data security, and scalability. We started with Oracle CRM On Demand in 2010 and have since advanced to an integrated CRM and marketing automation platform on the Oracle Cloud—enabling us to grow marketing initiatives and expand into new markets.

— David Dorling, Head Global Marketing, Swiss Post Solutions AG

About Swiss Post Solutions AG


Zurich, Switzerland



Annual Revenue

US$500 million to US$1 billion

Swiss Post Solutions AG (SPS), a company of the Swiss Post Group, is a leading outsourcing provider for business process solutions and innovative services in document management. A strong international client base relies on SPS’s ability to envision, design, and build end-to-end solutions and to be its trusted advisor for the key value drivers in business process outsourcing—location strategy, process optimization, and technology such as intelligent automation. SPS’s 7,400 employees and specialized partners span the full range of industries addressing customer needs in more than 20 countries—from insurance, banking, telecommunications, media, and retail, to energy supply, travel, and transportation. SPS has subsidiaries in Europe (Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland, United Kingdom), North America (Canada, United States), and Asia (Hong Kong, Vietnam), and works with specialized partners in other countries.

Published:  Apr 27, 2017