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Oracle Customer Success

Stallion fuels finance efficiency with Oracle Cloud


The oil and gas company completed 11 successful financial closes since going live on Oracle Cloud–a system that was implemented in just eight months.

Business challenges

Stallion was facing was a litany of expiring older applications that were coming off support. Just like any large enterprise, their key systems needed to be under support. But the company also needed to be scalable for a growing organization.

As Stallion’s business grew, it needed a solution that did not require adding human bodies to support the applications. Rather, Stallion wanted a new solution that brought automation and efficiency to the organization so the business could scale and not necessarily add to SG&A costs.

What Oracle brought to the table for Stallion was a streamlined, single-cloud solution. We deployed ERP with HR and EPM to provide analytics to ERP, to human capital, all in one footprint, and that was truly unique.

Jason Lu

Chief Information Officer, Stallion Oilfield Services

Why Stallion Chose Oracle

After a competitive evaluation, Stallion chose Oracle Cloud because it offers a streamlined integrated solution for ERP, EPM, and HCM. Stallion now run mission-critical tasks without outside support.

Oracle Cloud is scalable and flexible for all types of employees. It scales for the most complex transactions from a HR administrator who's working on the most complicated HR tasks every day, and it does so seamlessly and easily for the field employee who may touch the system only a few times a year.


With its Oracle Cloud system, Stallion has completed more than 11 successful closes since going live on a system that took only 8 months to implement. After 11 closes the system has been audited by third-party consultants and found to be unassailable in its accuracy.

Stallion experienced many immediate reporting benefits from Oracle Cloud. Stallion, like most organizations, has an insatiable appetite for analytics, reports, and business intelligence. As with many companies, once the finance organization received one metric, they quickly wanted more.

Within Stallion’s first six months after going live, the company created more than 150 reports without outside support. That was categorically impossible before.  Stallion’s business has found Oracle’s cloud solution so easy to use, the organization has been able to do work on its own rather than employing an internal business intelligence team. For Stallion, this alone has been a very compelling benefit.


Stallion Oilfield Services worked with Oracle integration partner Perficient to deliver Oracle Cloud ERP, HCM, and EPM solutions.

Learn more about Perficient's successful engagement with Stallion which eliminated disparate systems while generating new and expansive enterprise visibility.

One of the big benefits of rolling out an ERP system with an HCM system concurrently is it also provided immediate near-term benefits. It allowed us to have visibility of one of our largest expense items. For the finance team, that happens to be the cost of human capital. But for the HR team, it also allowed us to put the entire system out to every single employee immediately.

Jason Lu

Chief Information Officer, Stallion Oilfield Services

Published: November 23, 2020