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Oracle Customer Success — StepStone


StepStone Cuts Quote-to-Order Time from 2 Days to 20 Minutes, Boosts Sales Thanks to Globally Integrated Pricing Tool


Thanks to Oracle CPQ Cloud we have a unified pricing platform for our staff across six countries and for our Network partners. It’s fully integrated into our customer relationship management landscape, and it enables us to produce rapid and accurate quotes even for complex packages that combine job postings and database searches across several countries. What you see is what you sell, and what you sell is what you invoice—this is how it is happening for us now, saving valuable sales and management time, and enabling customers to instantly consume what they purchase. In addition, the detailed reporting enables us to analyze pricing, sales, and quote-to-order processes for continual improvement.

— Patrick Vrancken, Commercial IT Director, StepStone Group

Founded in 1996, StepStone is one of the most successful online job board businesses today. StepStone operates over 10 top brands with 50 million visits and more than 500,000 jobs posted per month. Everything StepStone does is in line with one main objective: to accurately match the best candidates with the best companies. More than 1,500 people in 21 countries aim to deliver the highest quality of service to clients, ranging from small local players to big global corporations throughout all industry sectors. More than 85,000 renowned companies, for example Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, Deloitte, and Daimler, use the StepStone job boards successfully for the recruitment of qualified specialists and executive staff.

Beyond the national StepStone websites, the international group “The Network” allows customers to find new employees in more than 130 countries. StepStone is part of the Axel Springer Digital Classifieds Group. Its direct shareholder is Axel Springer Digital Classifieds Holding GmbH.
  • Enable sales representatives to rapidly create accurate quotes for job board services, including standard, promotional, and individual discounts, to increase sales activity and minimize post-sales and service effort
  • Streamline approval processes and decrease quote-to-order time by eliminating paper-based processes with pricing lists in Excel and quotes issued in Word files, which had little consistency across global operations
  • Simplify products and attributes, such as the duration of a customer contract, the amount of time a job advertisement stays online, on which sites, and in which publishing format
  • Enhance pricing and sales analysis by introducing detailed reporting—for example, to determine which talent sourcing products a customer bought, in which countries, which discounts were offered, and how the package was built—where previously the only data available was the total invoice amount
  • Increased job board services sales by enabling 200 sales staff to manage 450 outgoing quotes per day with Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote Cloud—improving, standardizing, and automating pricing processes and consistently applying business rules
  • Reduced average quote-to-production time from 48 hours to less than 20 minutes, thanks to the flexibility to configure products on demand, rapidly create detailed candidate sourcing packages combined with promotions and discounts, and internationally deploy products on selected StepStone or partner job sites with minimum additional effort using pre-defined templates
  • Improved communication, transparency, and service levels with clients, who can now immediately view accurate pricing quotes, order products, and use job site services—shortening recruitment cycle times by enabling them to search candidate CVs straightaway for urgent-to-fill vacancies, or to post job adverts instantly or during peak job search times without waiting days for pricing or contract approvals
  • Increased control over pricing and sales processes thanks to the ability to configure products with attribute-based prices within Oracle CPQ Cloud, thus improving data integrity and quote accuracy and enabling standardized prorating and discounts, for example on combination packages including CV database search and job postings
  • Expanded rollout to partner alliance group The Network thanks to Oracle CPQ Cloud’s cross-border, cross-language, and multi-currency capabilities—enabling the pricing tool to cover 153 countries through the job sites of 50 partners, who no longer need to circulate large spreadsheets after each price update
  • Enabled tracking of quote-to-order key performance indicators, such as the average response times per quote approver, and the number of quotes made and won per sales representative, making it easy to identify and reward top performers and take corrective action to remove process bottlenecks
  • Streamlined quote-to-order processes thanks to full automation from initial quote and approval to invoice and online publishing systems, eliminating time-consuming paper-based processes using disparate Word and Excel files, and ensuring global consistency of prices and company branding
  • Created real-time granular reports on customer purchases and product pricing including standard, promotional, and sales representative discounts, enabling detailed pricing analysis globally and the ability to measure, analyze, and nurture the discount behavior of individual sales representatives
  • Enabled full end-to-end solution in Germany—StepStone’s largest market—thanks to Oracle CPQ Cloud integration with third-party customer relationship management (CRM) system and back-end systems for production and customer services
  • Established a unified pricing tool used for quotes by all employees and customers through a user-friendly interface in English, French, German, and Flemish, and benefitted from the latest version, Oracle CPQ Cloud 14.2, to enable optimization of code and expansion of talent sourcing product lines based on analysis of pricing data
  • Ensured smooth implementation by using Oracle Consulting during blueprint phase to ensure best-practices solution design, analysis and integration, engaging Oracle Premier Support as an instant resource to solve ad hoc issues and queries, and delivering Oracle CPQ Cloud Yellow Belt and Blue Belt training to in-house staff to empower them with the technical ability for ongoing product development work

Why Oracle

“We wanted to go from quote to customer order in one stream, as part of a broader and completely new enterprise resource planning landscape. We looked at several alternative cloud solutions, but none were able to fully meet our needs, especially in terms of product configuration and attribute-based pricing. When we looked at Oracle CPQ Cloud, we were quickly convinced that it was able to deliver what we needed, and selected Oracle for three main reasons. Firstly, the sales and technical teams were an excellent fit, quickly understanding our requirements; secondly, they gave us a proof of concept in an extremely short time, which demonstrated the product’s flexibility as well as its ability to meet our objectives. The third very important element was our ambition to master and fine-tune the chosen product and integrate it into our application landscape using our own development team,” said Jan Heiremans, Group Chief Operation Officer, Managing Director Benelux at StepStone Group.

The flexibility of Oracle CPQ Cloud to perform with multiple CRM systems in parallel was critical for us, as was its extensibility and the speed with which we can now add fresh components and enhancements to introduce new features and products.

— David Douglas, Project Manager, ONE-Pricing (CPQ) at StepStone Group

About StepStone


Düsseldorf, Germany


Published:  Nov 06, 2015