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Oracle Customer Success—Stolt-Nielsen Limited

Stolt-Nielsen Limited

Stolt-Nielsen Shortens HR Processes by 50% with Oracle HCM Cloud


With Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, we have enhanced our HR efficiency by reducing HR processing time by 50% and external IT support by 80%. This has optimized strategic planning throughout our tanker, terminals, container, and other business units, and boosted our employer brand.

— Michel Bresser, Global Business Application Manager Corporate Functions, Stolt-Nielsen Limited

Stolt-Nielsen Reduces HR Process Time by up to 50% and IncreasesTransparency with Oracle Cloud

Stolt-Nielsen is a leading global provider of integrated transportation, storage, and distribution solutions for chemical and other bulk liquid products, operating through three major business divisions: Stolt Tankers, Stolthaven Terminals, and Stolt Tank Containers.

With global manufacturing weak overall and pressure on bottom lines throughout the industry, ef´Čüciency has become a focus for both Stolt-Nielsen and its customers. The company sought to boost its internal operational efficiency throughout the HR department, while also increasing employee satisfaction and retention by deploying an intuitive and fully integrated human capital management solution.
Business Challenge
  • Enhance workforce and succession planning by providing managers with an overview of talent in each department and function across tanker, container, terminals, and other businesses within the group
  • Enable non-seafaring staff to easily access their employee data, request leaves of absence, and review salary and performance history without needing to log in to different systems or burden HR teams
  • Increase efficiency across the HR function by automating processes including performance, leave management, headcount reporting, and compensation, including variable pay structures
  • Boost employee engagement and retention by increasing the transparency of performance, compensation, and benefits data
  • Achieved significant efficiency gains across Stolt-Nielsen’s HR function by deploying Oracle HCM Cloud to automate processes across the group
  • Implemented a self-service Oracle Cloud platform for 2,000 diverse non-seafaring employees to reduce the burden on HR staff—for example, by minimizing administration for timecards and leave management—leading to a reduction of one HR full-time equivalent
  • Reduced external IT support effort by 80% by deploying a flexible HCM cloud platform that requires no infrastructure management and can be managed by HR teams and rapidly customized to meet changing needs in the bulk liquid storage and transportation sectors 
  • Automated compensation processes, including Stolt-Nielsen’s variable bonus system, for 2,000 staff across three business entities—previously needing considerable HR time to manually calculate pay on Excel spreadsheets which frequently contained errors
  • Improved group-wide succession planning and employee mobility considerably, thanks to the ability to review talent and track top performers in each team and department and across each of Stolt-Nielsen’s strategic businesses
  • Enabled managers to better manage talent by providing them with a 360-degree view of their teams—including individual performance, skills and qualifications; absenteeism; and salaries, bonuses, and benefits
  • Enhanced employee engagement and satisfaction by deploying a self-service HR platform with a modern, intuitive interface and simple navigation 
  • Improved performance management processes and transparency by using Oracle HCM Cloud to enable 360-degree feedback during the appraisal cycle, including allowing input and feedback from staff other than the incumbent’s direct manager
  • Boosted employee value proposition by providing all staff—from storage and logistics teams to tanker fleet managers—with regular and clear compensation and benefits statements—for example, by showing how their bonus is calculated—and detailing the employee and employer’s contribution to life insurance, pension, and healthcare programs

Why They Chose Oracle

“After a careful selection process, we chose Oracle HCM Cloud due to its large functional coverage, embedded analytics capabilities, integration capabilities, and low cost of ownership.”
—Michel Bresser, Global Business Application Manager Corporate Functions, Stolt-Nielsen Limited

About Stolt-Nielsen Limited


Rotterdam, Netherlands


More than 5,000

Annual Revenue

US$ 1.890 billion
Founded in 1959, the businesses of Stolt-Nielsen Limited are recognized for their sustained focus on innovation, quality, safety, and service. Stolt-Nielsen’s main subsidiaries include Stolt Tankers, Stolthaven Terminals, Stolt Tank Containers, Stolt Sea Farm, Stolt Bitumen Services, and Stolt-Nielsen Gas. The company operates in 42 offices around the world, and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Børs: SNI).


“Cloud technology is still fairly new, and we needed a trusted partner with flexibility to really understand our business. Deloitte was the right choice for us due to its experience and close partnership with Oracle, along with its combined knowledge of both systems and business. The two-phase deployment of the entire solution took place within less than one year and was a very positive experience,” said Michel Bresser, Global Business Application Manager Corporate Functions, Stolt-Nielsen Limited.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Sep 01, 2019