Stolt-Nielsen improves productivity with Oracle Cloud HCM and Fusion Analytics

Chemical tanker operator launches a people analytics overhaul using Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM Analytics.


Using Fusion HCM Analytics will allow us to address several key areas at Stolt-Nielsen when it comes to our people: Insight as it relates to diversity and inclusion, recruitment, and retention, along with the safety of our employees, is all streamlined using HCM Analytics.

Erik SmitGlobal Director, Total Rewards, Stolt-Nielsen

Business challenges

A ship broker in New York City in the 1950s, Jacob Stolt-Nielsen had an “Aha!” moment after reading a Life magazine article about submersible pumps. He built a tanker called M/T Freddy, the first ship ever to be equipped with leakproof compartments accessed via deep-well submersible pumps. Several years later, he started his own eponymous shipping company.

Flash forward more than 60 years and Stolt-Nielsen operates the world’s largest fleet of deep-sea, coastal, and inland parcel tankers and containers for chemicals and other liquids. Operational efficiency is key to its ability to navigate both the world’s high seas and the turbulence of the global economy. Employee satisfaction and retention are critical priorities for the company. It wanted to ensure that its more than 5,000 worldwide employees were empowered with the best tools available to manage their jobs and careers.

Stolt-Nielsen’s HR executives were under pressure to reduce voluntary turnover and needed additional visibility to understand and anticipate career choices being made by a complex, international workforce. When trying to tackle voluntary employee turnover before moving to Oracle Cloud HCM, the organization was unable to provide insight into diversity, hiring, and retention. Battling multiple third-party systems, manual data extracts, and inconsistent data governance, business users found data exploration a cumbersome process and wanted a new solution.

In addition, the HR organization needed clear and frequent visibility into what was driving employees to leave, the ability to make recommendations on improving talent retention, and to reduce the risk of turnover impacting the bottom line.

Why Stolt-Nielsen Chose Oracle

Stolt-Nielsen decided to invest in Oracle Cloud HCM, including its talent management and workforce compensation modules, as well as Oracle’s prebuilt HCM Analytics  for Fusion Cloud to increase efficiency across HR and boost employee engagement and retention.

It was evident to HR stakeholders that the prebuilt data pipeline to Fusion HCM Cloud and 700-plus ready-to-use HR metrics on offer with Fusion HCM Analytics, made Oracle’s solution fully equipped to handle the turnover visibility challenge.

Stolt-Nielsen also chose Oracle’s prebuilt analytics solution for Fusion Cloud HCM to tackle attrition. Other vendors that were under evaluation were unable to match the automated, end-to-end view of their workforce that Fusion HCM Analytics could provide.

By automating data pipelines, data modeling, and dashboard delivery, Stolt-Nielsen’s HR team was able to improve productivity across the organization.


Using Oracle Cloud HCM, Stolt-Nielsen reduced average HR processing times by 50% and external IT support staff by 80%. HR team members use the application’s capabilities to handle complex HR tasks such as tracking top performers in each division and automating the payroll and bonus processes. Employees use simple self-service capabilities to enter timecards and view their salary and performance histories. The team no longer relies on manual processes. Instead of having access to their key use cases only once a year, staffers can now examine these crucial areas with daily updates. 

Implementing HCM Analytics provided key insights into factors regarding employee turnover, empowering HR to identify strategies to help maintain the company’s industry-leading low voluntary turnover rate.

With the time regained by automating data consolidation and using a solution providing swift time to insight, Stolt-Nielsen’s HR team gained more time to focus on other key areas. HR can now work to nurture diversity and inclusion within the workforce, and improve employee satisfaction by spotting biases in the absence approvals and rejections by gender, ethnicity, tenure band, age band, and religion—all thanks to insights provided by Fusion HCM Analytics.


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Published:April 19, 2023

About the customer

Stolt-Nielsen is the world’s largest operator of sophisticated chemical tankers, a global provider of safe storage services for bulk liquids, and the leading provider of door-to-door transportation services for bulk-liquid chemicals and food-grade products. It is also a pioneer in high-tech sustainable seafood production and invests in LNG shipping and distribution opportunities.