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Oracle Customer Success

Tarte designs a loyalty program that customers love


With the Oracle CrowdTwist loyalty program platform, tarte increases customer spend and engagement.

Business challenges

Combining glamourous makeup and good-for-you ingredients, tarte cosmetics is a leader in the beauty industry with its eco-chic, cruelty-free cosmetics and hypoallergenic, vegan skincare.

Because the company operates in an exceptionally competitive space with rapidly changing trends and high-frequency purchases, tarte needed an omnichannel customer loyalty solution to differentiate it from the competition and increase customer retention. With a passionate customer base and a plethora of assets to share—from video tutorials to user-generated content—tarte sought a loyalty program platform that could incentivize and reward customers for both spending with the brand and engaging with its website. In addition, the platform needed to capture data across all channels and provide tools for analysis.

With the data we’ve captured from Oracle CrowdTwist, we’ve proven that the loyalty client is immensely valuable to our brand, making up about 20% of our customer base and, on average, 50 to 55% of revenue.

Kellen Fitzgerald

Director of Marketing, Digital and Client Experience, tarte

Why tarte chose Oracle

The cloud-based Oracle CrowdTwist loyalty platform was tarte’s pick for its ability to support tiered membership, reward customers for engagement, capture and analyze behavior and preference data, and evolve to meet changing customer needs. With it, tarte implemented a loyalty program that generates customer fidelity through engagement and encourages repeat, high-frequency beauty product purchases.


Since launching Oracle CrowdTwist, tarte has seen loyalty revenue penetration grow by 98%. Because of the engagement tarte generated via Oracle CrowdTwist, loyalty members now spend three times more time on tarte’s website. With an impressive bounce rate of just 3%, loyalty members are one of tarte’s most valuable and most engaged customer segments. Specifically, tarte’s loyalty initiatives have resulted in customer lifetime values (CLV) and average order values (AOV) more than 25% higher than those of non-loyalty customers.

The company also improved its data-driven decision-making by using Oracle CrowdTwist’s omnichannel capabilities to capture loyal customers’ behavior, preferences, and engagement across all channels—including retail stores, online purchases, social media, and more. After capturing customer data, tarte then used the platform’s AI-technology and predictive analytics to prove the loyalty client’s immense value to the brand. As tarte began to understand the behavior and preferences of loyal customers, it was able to use data collected by Oracle CrowdTwist to better market to all customers.

Finally, tarte extended its lean loyalty marketing team by collaborating with Oracle CrowdTwist professionals to implement loyalty best practices, improve on existing practices, and generate new ideas for engaging customers.

Published: June 9, 2020