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Oracle Customer Success — Team One

Team One

Team One Helps Automobile Manufacturer Unify Data to Drive Faster Buying Process

With a large segment of shoppers using multiple channels along the buyer’s journey, it’s difficult for marketers to create a complete profile of their customers, let alone develop personalized content to accelerate the buying process. Data gets trapped in channel-based silos, which is laborious to analyze and leads to inconsistent messaging. Team One–an integrated advertising agency–used  Oracle Marketing Cloud and a multichannel approach to help a luxury automobile manufacturer unify customer data. With one view of the customer, the could deliver the right message to the right person at the right time using data-driven marketing.
  • Creating single-view customer profiles
  • Developing a multichannel digital strategy
  • Data management
  • Progressive profiling
  • Cross-channel marketing
  • Increased click through rates by 57%.
  • Increased conversion rates by 60%.
  • Applied cross-channel marketing program across other brands.


Within six months, Team One had set up an Oracle Marketing Cloud data management platform for their luxury automobile client to unify customer data from multiple sources, and then analyzed that data to optimize each channel’s reach and performance. Team One conducted several tests, with the first one being a Unified Consumer View in Display Media test. The purpose was to identify the same visitors and their actions across channels and devices to provide more contextual messaging and drive customers further and faster down the buying process. They targeted the client’s website visitors who showed interest in two predetermined models and tracked their color preferences. Team One created and delivered highly relevant ads based on those customer choices.
The test results showed a significant lift in two key areas–a 57 percent increase in click through rates and a 60 percent increase in conversion rates. The test also indicated static banners that featured personally relevant automobile colors outperformed dynamic rich media banners. The data collected was available for  immediate use and led to the client redesigning key pages of their website to improve performance. The client was so pleased with the results, senior management rolled out the data management platform to other brands within the automobile company.

About Team One


California, United States

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Apr 29, 2016