TecBan increases technician productivity by 15% with Oracle Field Service

The financial network operator uses Oracle Field Service to increase routing efficiency for on-site technicians, boosting productivity in the field.


Oracle Field Service helped the field team become more responsive and efficient. Today, we deliver more value within the organization, teams, and processes by working harmoniously with very consistent results.

Rafael dos AnjosOperations Executive Manager, TecBan

Business challenges

For over 40 years, TecBan has delivered products to help guarantee the financial inclusion of social classes across Brazil. The company’s main product is Banco24Horas, a cash machine that serves more than 152 million Brazilians in over 16,000 locations. Today, 60% of the company’s equipment is installed in regions that serve medium- to low-income populations.

The company has a high volume of transactions, and its equipment must always be available. To ensure the operational efficiency of its ATMs, TecBan wanted to implement a device-agnostic mobility solution to better support field technicians on the job.

The company had used a proprietary software tool that relied on BlackBerry mobile devices. When this hardware ceased to exist, TecBan needed another system that it could use with various hardware and applications while also allowing for control over call routing. In addition, ticket management needed to be integrated into the new tool.

Why TecBan chose Oracle

To choose a technology supplier, TecBan surveyed several companies but ultimately selected Oracle Field Service for its robustness and responsiveness. Company leaders were impressed by the system’s regular update cycle and ability to speed up and improve the response time of technicians in the field.


After implementing Oracle Field Service, part of the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) suite of applications, TecBan could more efficiently route technicians to job sites, which significantly reduced logistical burdens and increased the productivity of the field service team.

Oracle Field Service helped the company organize tickets and service calls according to priority to ensure the most urgent were addressed first. This increased technician productivity by roughly 15% and allowed staff to complete more service tasks at each job site. Today, the availability rate of the Banco24Horas network is about 97.4%.

Published:February 15, 2024

About the customer

TecBan is a leader in independent ATM networks. The company also operates in the telecommunications and cash transportation segments.