Tehama deploys global virtual workforce with Oracle Cloud

To meet the challenges of a global customer going remote with its staff, Tehama used its own enterprise DaaS platform and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Provisioning virtual desktops for new users around the world typically takes days. We do it in a few hours. The combination of elasticity and utility of a public cloud with the security and predictability of Tehama enables a fast and secure way to provision desktops to global teams. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Tehama deliver a robust work-from-anywhere solution that enables organizations to easily deploy a global workforce without lengthy delays or added costs.

Jaymes DavisDirector of Product Strategy, Tehama

Business challenges

Originally part of managed-services company Pythian, Tehama’s desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) platform enables organizations around the world to safely work and collaborate remotely, all while keeping sensitive data and proprietary materials secure.

With COVID-19 causing an unprecedented level of remote work, Tehama’s services rapidly enabled organizations ranging from call centers to technology firms to scale remote capabilities quickly. For example, one company needed a highly secure and available virtual desktop to both access and quarantine its existing distributed development environment and provide virtualized access.

This organization was already running Oracle Cloud Infrastructure when it approached Tehama about a DaaS environment. Tehama was up to the challenge, but needed a way to bridge the gap between its tools and the organization’s OCI environment.

Why Tehama Chose Oracle

To meet the customer’s needs, Tehama tapped Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which features cloud storage, AI, networking, servers, and applications perfect for distributed development, paravirtualization, and data science using advanced data visualization. This combination helped Tehama quickly deliver a ready-to-go DaaS environment rather than a time-consuming, expensive, and unwieldy process.


By pairing enterprise DaaS with OCI, Tehama was able to rapidly implement DaaS for OCI environments without configuring hardware, network routers, and retooling security. Distributed development and data science teams were up and running in just a few hours with virtualization extension and development tool support, along with better performance than traditional DaaS.

The company could run advanced data visualizations on Oracle properties such as PeopleSoft, MySQL, and Java with stability, thanks to a combination of OCI’s powerful AI environments, Tehama’s low latency, and high-resolution 4k output.

In addition, the organization implemented a Zero Trust environment via Tehama’s industry-leading security and compliance tools and processes, including built-in firewalls, automated encryption, network isolation, secure perimeters, multifactor authentication, and least-privilege permissions.

Published:May 21, 2021