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$12B telecommunications company Telenor saves hardware costs moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS


Using Oracle DNS, Telenor globally balanced its web traffic.

Through that search for a global load balancing solution, we found Dyn. We quickly learned how to use the Dyn product, which was really important. We got it up and working quite easily, had a great experience with our trial account, and got a great feel early on for the product instead of just reading product documentation.

Hakon Smeplass

System Manager, Telenor

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Their DNS Needs

The Telenor content delivery network (Telenor CDN) focuses on the Northern Europe region market, and they have CDN caches localized in data centers in selected continents and regions of the world. With the company’s important role as a CDN, Telenor’s DNS needs were reliable uptime, usability, and the ability to globally load balance their traffic.

The company had been using miscellaneous forms for load balancing, but needed to extend their load balancing functionality with the ability to connect Telenor CDN users to the data center closest to them for better performance. This will become even more important over time as Telenor adds even more data centers in the future.

“We found we could do this the smart way through a managed DNS provider or the expensive way by buying servers, load balancing hardware, and software, and then setting everything up ourselves.

How Did Dyn Make a Difference?

Telenor came on board in the summer of 2013, using both Dyn Managed DNS and Traffic Director, Dyn’s advanced traffic management solution. They instantly began using the Geolocation Load Balancing feature within Traffic Director, giving them more granularity with directing CDN traffic.

“We really like the granularity, and being able to differentiate between different countries and regions of the world. Dyn’s competitors just offer eastern or western Europe or just America,” he said. The Telenor CDN team did consider taking everything in house, but as many companies are finding out, it made more sense to go with an outsourced DNS provider.

“Sure, we have our own DNS services that we also continue to use in some ways, but as a CDN, we needed a more specialized service,” Telenor Service Owner and Technical Manager for content delivery Kjartan Berge explained. “We could have done it ourselves, but we were looking for a partner that provided a global Anycast DNS network”.

Berge added that the three most important characteristics of moving to a managed DNS provider were usability, scalability, and manageability.

“Being able to do everything in the same system versus several subsystems is ideal,” Smeplass added.

With mobile subscriptions and revenues continuing to rise, Telenor Group’s technology staff can be confident that their uptime and CDN traffic management needs are in good hands with Dyn.

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Published: May 3, 2017