TEPSA automates with Oracle Cloud HCM and cuts manual HR updates by 95 percent

TEPSA transforms HR with Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, empowering its employees with individual training, career plans, and a consistent employee experience.


Something that I will always be thankful for is that the solution empowers all our employees. Everyone has access to their own information, including performance evaluations and career development plans. With Oracle Cloud HCM we have redesigned all our HR processes and we're now nearly paperless.

Maria Edwigis MurilloHead of Human Capital Management, TEPSA Group

Business challenges

TEPSA distributes and services specialized electrical materials and equipment for the mining industry and other industrial sectors, with a strong focus on customer service.

The company previously used a third-party payroll application for its 470 employees that supported limited employee data, such as name, department, and hiring date. The organization required a more robust system that would allow for more detailed employee records, including home addresses, date of birth, or emergency contacts.

TEPSA’s organizational structure and job roles were not well defined, and there were no reporting rules in place. Hiring, changes in position, and payroll increases, which involved numerous paper forms, were handled directly by an employee’s supervisor, without further controls of the HR department.

Additionally, TEPSA wanted to define individual goals for staff members and align those with company goals, conduct performance evaluations across its workforce, and provide a consistent employee experience across all devices.

Oracle Cloud HCM has enabled us to define an HR strategy and work according to that plan. Now all TEPSA employees have peace of mind, because they have clear objectives and a set cycle of performance evaluations.

Maria Edwigis MurilloHead of Human Capital Management, TEPSA Group

Why TEPSA chose Oracle

TEPSA evaluated Oracle and SAP. The company selected Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM because of its ease of use and flexibility in customizing the application to fit TEPSA’s specific HR needs.

Another key driver for its decision was Oracle Learning, part of the Oracle Cloud HCM suite of applications, which would allow TEPSA to drive instant user productivity through role-based learning paths, while reducing training costs.


Using Oracle Cloud HCM, TEPSA established an employee database for its workforce, including emergency contact information that can be viewed from any device. The team mapped TEPSA’s organizational structure in Oracle Cloud HCM and established reporting hierarchies.

Oracle Cloud HCM empowers TEPSA’s HR team to make more informed and faster decisions with standardized processes, interactive organizational charts, enhanced reporting, and comprehensive analytics. Requisitions for new employees are now launched following a carefully orchestrated hiring process, including an authorized budget for each position.

TEPSA substantially increased operational efficiency because all requests from employees are routed to the right supervisors, and authorizations are granted directly in Oracle Cloud HCM, reducing the use of paper-based forms by 90%. TEPSA now completes hiring and termination processes 85% faster than before.

To help employees reach their full potential, TEPSA also deployed Oracle Learning. The company has defined a personalized learning experience for each staff member, which is accessible through mobile devices using a digital assistant. Today, 100% of employees can create their career development plan, which is available anytime, anywhere.

With Oracle Cloud HCM, employees have 24/7 access to their electronic records and can request changes directly within the system. TEPSA saves 95% of the time previously required for employee document management, freeing the HR team for value-added tasks.

For the first time in the company’s history, it conducted performance evaluations for all employees working for TEPSA for more than six months. All employees received feedback from their manager in addition to an individual training plan with development objectives to prepare them to meet future goals.


TEPSA worked with NextG Consulting to deploy Oracle Cloud HCM.  “We were really pleased with NextG. They are very open and knowledgeable. They gave us strong support, and they did an excellent job,” says TEPSA’s Maria Edwigis Murillo.

Published:May 16, 2022