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Oracle Customer Success—The DOC BV


The DOC Boosts Agility with Oracle Engineered Systems


With Oracle Database Appliance, we minimized systems maintenance and significantly increased the performance and availability of our internal and external database applications. We also strengthened our ability to grow through faster deployment of new database services and rapid scalability.

— Guido Leduc, CEO, The DOC

The DOC Shortens Time to Market, Streamlines IT Services Management, and Reduces Operational Costs by Consolidating Databases on Engineered Systems

The DOC is an IT solutions consulting firm dedicated to Oracle technologies. It provides a one-stop-shop for Oracle, including the provisioning of cloud services, professional services, managed services, business intelligence, and product solutions to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the United States.

Its legacy hardware, consisting of several standalone servers, was struggling to support The DOC’s current business needs and growth plans. The DOC turned to Oracle for a solution that would boost the performance of its multiple database applications, streamline maintenance, enable faster deployment of new services, and enhance its reputation as a full-stack Oracle service provider.
Business Challenge
  • Support business growth by increasing the scalability of IT hardware infrastructure and enabling faster deployment of new database services for customers
  • Increase the performance of a range of in-house-developed, customer-specific database applications—for example, a fraud detection system developed for municipalities and a software solution for the manufacturing and industrial sectors—in addition to multiple internal applications used by development and managed services teams
  • Replace outdated hardware systems which were difficult to manage and had insufficient disk size and memory to support The DOC’s existing database operations—including 20 databases for production, development, and testing environments
  • Support customers by providing a testing environment and demonstrating the advantages of using Oracle technology across the stack
  • Lower operational costs by minimizing database administration time and reducing expenses for hardware energy consumption, cooling, and floor space
  • Increased the performance and availability of internal and external database applications, simplified administration across the stack, and enhanced the security of enterprise data by deploying Oracle Database Appliance as a fully integrated and optimized solution in a box
  • Achieved faster time to market for new and enhanced database services thanks to an integrated stack that enables The DOC to deploy database systems more than 3x faster and without the need to move deployments between various servers
  • Facilitated business expansion into new customer markets and geographical territories through an integrated solution that supports the company’s strategy of continuous development and deployment and provides seamless scalability with pay-as-you-grow licensing
  • Enabled The DOC to provide added value to customers by using Oracle Database Appliance as a proof-of-concept environment for customers to test functionality and performance and demonstrating first-hand experience of the advantages of an Oracle-on-Oracle solution
  • Simplified maintenance significantly and minimized downtime by enabling administration teams to perform patching of the hardware, database, virtualization layer, and operating system in a single patch round—previously, each component was patched separately
  • Achieved a 60% reduction in floor space and 50% reduction in power consumption by replacing 3 Dell and HP servers with a single Oracle Database Appliance
  • Enabled The DOC to manage all its key business applications on a single Oracle Database Appliance—including Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Application Express, internal applications for testing purposes, a maintenance monitoring system for customers, and multiple in-house-developed solutions tailored for the manufacturing, healthcare, and public sectors
  • Streamlined processes for the company’s development and managed services teams by deploying Oracle Database Appliance as a centralized database environment for 20 production, acceptance, testing, and development databases, each with multiple schemas
  • Achieved rapid time to value by deploying Oracle Database Appliance out of the box in a single day and eliminated deployment risk, thanks to a fully integrated and tested database machine
  • Achieved faster problem resolution and reduced costs, thanks to single-vendor support across the stack—provided by Oracle Premier Support—enabling The DOC to provide faster IT support to its customers, regardless of their technology issue


We selected Oracle Database Appliance because of its plug-and-play simplicity, combining hardware, operating system, virtualization, database, and applications in a single solution in a box. Running Oracle across the stack enables us to really showcase the Oracle-on-Oracle value to our customers.

— Guido Leduc, CEO, The DOC

About The DOC BV


Weert (Limburg), The Netherlands



Annual Revenue

Under US$100 Million
The DOC was founded in 1999 as a specialist in Oracle technologies dedicated to helping its customers realize the best results from their Oracle investments. It focuses on seeking out and providing innovative and customer-oriented solutions and invests in specific technologies and market segments to meet its strategic objectives. The DOC is an Oracle Gold Partner.
Published:  Jun 04, 2018