The University of Adelaide runs billions of drug screenings on OCI

University researchers tap OCI to screen molecules for drug development, drastically improving computational efficiency and scalability.


Most on-premises HPCs don’t provide enough computing power to complete millions of in silico screenings within a reasonable time. Oracle Cloud provided the vast CPU power needed to run this volume of experiments, all without the need for internal sign off or interrupting our campus colleagues’ work.

Dr. John BruningSenior Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, University of Adelaide

Founded by Dr. John Bruning at the School of Biological Sciences, the University of Adelaide Bruning Lab is a research facility with a focus on structural biology, drug discovery, and enzymology. Researchers at Bruning Lab were working to develop an open source, cloud native virtual molecule screening pipeline that would allow them to simulate the combination of specific molecules with certain proteins for the purpose of drug and therapeutics development. Bruning Lab chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to power its high-throughput approach to drug discovery in silico. OCI provided researchers with the CPU power necessary to run this large volume of experiments while drastically lowering costs and improving the computational efficiency and scalability of the drug discovery platform warpDOCK.

Published:December 21, 2023